Yvonne Glasgow

Writer/Editor.IndieAuthor.Poet.Artist.Crafter.Book/MusicReviewer. The Art of Dreams & Divination. Holistic Life Coach PhD, Spiritual Counseling DD, Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. glassgoatpublishing.com YvonneGlasgow.com.

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Velvet Winter's Crystal Heart is Amazing
2 years ago
While I am still confused as to why solo singer/songwriter artists feel the need to use anything but their actual name for recording and performing, I am still in awe of Velvet Winter, which is Talon ...
Nehedar's Music Is Beautiful Genius
2 years ago
I am always itching to hear new music that reminds me of the old days when music didn’t all always sound the same. I am happy to have found it in an album from a talented singer/songwriter, Emilia Cat...
A Selection of Musical Tales to Please Your Ears
2 years ago
Australian singer/songwriter Niq Reefman has a new release of strangely beautiful music titled ‘A Selection of Musical Tales’. I say strangely because it is such an eclectic array of sounds and storie...
Drift and Dream with Matt Townsend
2 years ago
I love a great, simple singer-songwriter sound. Something that tells a story and is full of feeling. This new EP from Matt Townsend fits the bill. It’s part of a two-part EP series, featuring some of ...
There is Plenty of Cool in Jordan Alexander's Music
2 years ago
When you’re personally picked by Bif Naked to go on tour, it says something about your awesome pop stylings. Jordan Alexander is pretty awesome, and the hype around her is well-founded, even if I am n...
Australian EDM Artist Gaspar Prouvé Makes You Dance
2 years ago
EDM, electronic dance music, is a popular genre of music right now. Even in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, local clubs know that EDM shows sell out, which means that musicians that go with this genr...