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Roger Jaeger Rides An Elevator
2 years ago
Roger Jaeger seems to have found a way to blend together the sounds of the radio pop rock you hear each day on commercials and walking through the grocery store with a more outside the normal pop atmo...
The Long Dark Road Brings Some Long Dark Hardcore
2 years ago
The new 4-song EP from The Long Dark Road is loud and in your face. If you are not a hardcore fan you might not get this music, even though it is really worth listening to. The band hails from Toronto...
Velvet Winter's Crystal Heart is Amazing
2 years ago
While I am still confused as to why solo singer/songwriter artists feel the need to use anything but their actual name for recording and performing, I am still in awe of Velvet Winter, which is Talon ...
Nehedar's Music Is Beautiful Genius
2 years ago
I am always itching to hear new music that reminds me of the old days when music didn’t all always sound the same. I am happy to have found it in an album from a talented singer/songwriter, Emilia Cat...
A Selection of Musical Tales to Please Your Ears
2 years ago
Australian singer/songwriter Niq Reefman has a new release of strangely beautiful music titled ‘A Selection of Musical Tales’. I say strangely because it is such an eclectic array of sounds and storie...
Drift and Dream with Matt Townsend
2 years ago
I love a great, simple singer-songwriter sound. Something that tells a story and is full of feeling. This new EP from Matt Townsend fits the bill. It’s part of a two-part EP series, featuring some of ...