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The Suborbitals ‘Hey Oblivion’
7 months ago
All bands have a story, whether you know it or not. Some bands share their stories freely, others like to remain mysterious. The Suborbitals story is no secret, and it began in 2002. The story is an i...
Armonite Combine Violin and Electronic for Unique Sound
7 months ago
Armonite is a pair of Instrumental violin rockers from Pavia, Italy. Their music is unique, magical, and, at times, haunting. They collaborate to make something completely unique, often making songs w...
Ghost X Gardens Channels Smashing Pumpkins with ‘Concealed Little Weapon’
7 months ago
When I brought you Ghost X Gardens’ new album Heartbreak Chelsea Hotel a month ago, I only mentioned a couple of the songs on the album. We talked about the idea behind the album and the talks with th...
Some Words with Local Musician Sandra Effert
7 months ago
I don't know Sandra Effert - I've never actually met her in person. However, I love supporting local music and local creatives. When she reached out to me while I was looking for people to interview f...
Interview with Musician Ben Boggs
7 months ago
I've known Ben Boggs since his days in Eighth Chakra—in fact, it was because of his band that I met him. While I was WAY more into metal back in those days (now I am more into chakras), I still dig th...
Supporting Local Music with Studio Talk's Aaron Kroll
8 months ago
I've watched friend's bands being interviewed by Studio Talk, and I'm always impressed with how much knowledge they show and how much information they get out of the people they interview. Because of ...