Beethoven: A Presentation

My Favorite German Composer of Classical Music

Ludwig van Beethoven

(December 1770 — March 26, 1827)

Have you ever wondered about who this particular man was?

He was born in Germany and was a composer of classical music. He hasn't been mentioned since he passed away, so, I thought I could have a brief moment of your time to talk about him and his unexpected disability by being deaf.

You see, Beethoven wasn't born a deaf man as some theorists had and have said. He could actually hear things and talk like everyone else but in German, of course, instead of English.

Sadly, all the joys and happiness of being able to hear and create beautiful music or say, to hear if a violin played a note from its bow onto its string, changed. When Beethoven was around 26 to 28 years of age, he said he had heard buzzing noises to a hum day and night and unfortunately, that's when his hearing began to decline. His deafness was slowly weaving its way in until he heard nothing. Not a word. Not even his own music that he created.

How awful it must have been for Beethoven, a man who created such beautiful and unfathomable music pieces with notes that seem to fly off the pages and due to it being scattered and unplayable. 

He was always in ill-health as it was. Plus, he was always stubborn, and never liked authority. He was never discreet too. He was basically open to about almost everything about him such as bathroom and other personal businesses.

He was so suspicious of friends that he would eventually get so angry and yell at them. I guess that's because he couldn't really express himself very well due to his hearing loss but in the end, he always wrote to them. A letter saying how sorry he was for his behavior and he didn't mean to.

Try and imagine Beethoven talking to God as he goes in a panic, a rage and his heart beating as if to pop out of his chest, then to throw a chair and to make a huge mess, saying:

"God, if You are there! If there is such a thing as a heavenly being or person, why did I have to be this way? I don't deserve it. It hurts me. I get so frustrated and agitated. Every time I try to talk, people either laugh at me or possibly stare at me or maybe stare at the floor because I'm talking too loud. How can I say, "Speak Louder! Shout! I Am Deaf!" to people who are clueless and to some who are refusing to play how I wrote my music? At least, heal my terrible condition. No one knows what it is or what caused it. I guess I'm the invention for the Deaf. As I end this conversation, God, I hate myself and You. I can't hear anything like I used to. Now, if You will excuse me, give me a sign to show me that people really do appreciate my music! I'm begging You! Don't let me down and please remember me as a man who did his best and lived his best and by expressing himself through his music."

Good news.

As Beethoven was finishing his last appearance symphony, he was still conducting since the music he created was still playing in his head, his back was facing the audience because he couldn't hear the clapping and cheering of the applause of the people being happy for him. So, someone from where Beethoven was conducting, a woman tapped him on the arm. He stopped. She eventually turned him around to face the audience and I can guarantee you he cried his eyes out and bowed a thank you.

Bad news.

He didn't get enough money as he had hoped for. It was a success but no money to help him to live on a year's wage of a lifetime.

The moral of this illustration about Beethoven is not only is he my favorite person of all time besides Jesus, is that Beethoven thought of a solution. Instead of considering suicide, he turned to music. Maybe he was a Christian. Not sure. Only God knows that for certain.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

Thank you.