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Best Gifts for Anyone Obsessed with 90s Music

The 90s were an All-Star decade for bands like Smashmouth, Sugar Ray, and BSB. If you've got a fan who loves all things 90s, then this list of gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music will be a smash hit.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to have to confess something to you. I'm obsessed—absolutely obsessed—with 90s music. I love listening to Sugar Ray, enjoy old school rave tracks from Dune, and yes, also enjoy old school rap from Wu Tang. 

The 90s was the last decade where we saw tons of mainstream music that had serious soul in it. As someone who adores the 90s music scene and wishes it'd come back, I composed a list of gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music that are worth checking out. 

It Was All A Dream Neon Sign by Latitude Run

Latitude Run plays homage to the Notorious B.I.G and one of his most popular hits of all time. There's something inherently glamorous and glitzy about neon lighting, and when you think about how rappers like Biggie rose to stardom, it's easy to see the connection. 

Even if you couldn't name the four elements of hip hop right off the bat, chances are that you can see why this ranks highly among suggested presents for people who are obsessed with 90s music. 

Hanson T-Shirt by EatTheWorldRaw

Remember the days of the boy band explosion? Hanson was about as 90s as it gets. This shirt brings a little "MMMBop" to your dreary 2010s life, and while Isaac, Taylor, and Zac might have grown up, this shirt remains youthful as ever. 

"MMMBop" is one of those songs that make you nostalgic, even if you didn't live in that era. This tee is one of the coolest gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music artists—or really, anyone who just misses the "bubblegum pop" era of the late 90s. 

If you were from this era, Hanson reminds you of times you spent collecting Lisa Frank stickers, talking with friends, and wearing butterfly clips in your hair. This is a hallmark sign of a 90s kid.

Bye Bye Bye Tee by Expression Tees

N*SYNC was the biggest band of the late 90s, even though Backstreet Boys totally owned their own loyal fandoms too. Their biggest hit of all time had to be "Bye Bye Bye," the song that had every single middle school bouncing during school dances. 

This shirt keeps it short, sweet, and to the point. Subtle enough to not involve Justin Timberlake's head plastered on it, and fun enough for a 90s party, it's a good look for any nostalgia fan. 

Spice World by Sony Pictures

Spice World was the biggest hurrah of the biggest girl group of the 90s—the Spice Girls. They were the ladies who made platform sneakers, glitter, and girl power look even more awesome than they already are. 

The 90s were the era of Spice, and whether you're a fan of Baby Spice, Posh Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, or ol' Ginger, you're going to love this trip down memory lane. Heck, you might even notice how many of your favorite Spice-related childhood songs were inappropriate this time around.

Spice World may have had the girls, girl power, and glitter galore, but that's not all it had. The special guest appearances from other major names in music make this one of the best gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music. 

Backstreet Boys Shopping Bag by Emana Tote

Okay, we promise that the rest of this list will veer away from boy bands. We swear. But, for people who still cling to team Backstreet, we got a nice little number for you. This simple tote bag has BSB posing in their wholesome-but-not-really way. 

It's crazy to think that BSB used to be considered edgy, right? 

Official Nirvana Slap Band Glass by Nirvana

Here's a must-have for any 90s music fan: Nirvana! Nirvana was the voice of teens in the 90s and brought the entire grunge subculture into the mainstream. Fronted by the tormented and brooding Kurt Cobain, this band remains timeless as ever. 

Anyone who loved the gritty grunge rock of yore needs this glass. It's an official Nirvana band merch item, has a slap bracelet included in it, and also gives a great pour for your beer. What more do you want?

Bicycle Song Inspired Print by Lyrical Artworks

"The Bicycle Song" had that natural rhythm and wistfulness that only Anthony Kiedis could deliver. Fans of this smash continue to be inspired by its classic lyrics, and now, a group of artists have come up with a cool print featuring "The Bicycle Song" and its lyrics. 

Chili Pepper fans will adore this, but really, getting this would be a great choice when hunting for any gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music. The artsy side of it shows that 90s gifts don't have to be bad, either. 

Yummy Gwen Stefani Doll by Gwen Stefani

It's hard to imagine the 90s and 00s without Gwen Stefani's unique flair for fashion and high school pop. If you were alive for "Hollaback Girl" or for the earlier, angstier "Don't Speak," you know exactly what we're talking about. 

After the launch of her L.A.M.B. Clothing brand, Gwen Stefani herself has started making her own series of dolls based on her most famous outfits. So kawaii, right? 

Green Day Studded Black Leather Belt by Green Day

Green Day may have started out as pure punk, but they later became known as the forefathers of pop punk because mainstream audiences loved them. Either way, it's hard not to notice that they were serious geniuses in their genres. 

Unlike a lot of the bands featured on this list, Green Day remained successful for decades after their 90s breakout fame. These days, they have a Broadway show and more band merch than you know what to do with. 

All Eyez On Me by Lionsgate Studios

If you're a major hip hop head, you already know what a huge name Tupac was in early 90s hip hop. His lyrics were raw. He was empowering, and at the same time, he was hated by authorities for being an honest creative. 

All Eyez on Me is the movie that shows what Tupac's life was like. Grabbing a DVD of this notorious documentary is a great way to ensure that you will connect with the 90s in a way others won't. Pop culture is forever thankful for Tupac's contributions.

Blink-182 Sticker by C&D

Blink-182 was another punk band that really brought out the humor in a lot of music. Slightly surfer-esque and just a little bit angsty at times, Blink-182 was one of those bands that seemed just as appropriate at school dances as it did at summer barbecues. 

Surfer rock mixed with punk: that was their sound. And their official band merch says that they were "Crappy Since 1993." Can you see why this might be one of the better gifts for anyone obsessed with 90s music? 

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Best Gifts for Anyone Obsessed with 90s Music
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