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Best Internet Radio Players for Music Streaming

No matter what your needs may be, these internet radio players for music streaming have you covered.

While the traditional clock radio is fading into the past, a new breed of radio is emerging. These players combine the expansive selection of the internet radio with the latest advancements in portable speaker technology, such as Bluetooth and music app integration. Whether you're a podcast fiend or an NPR junky, an audiophile or just someone who wants to wake up on time, there is an internet radio player for you. This list features the best internet radio players for music streaming, podcast grooves, and alarm sounding on the market today.

Wi-Fi Internet Radio by Kelement

If you're in the market for affordable internet radio players for music streaming, the Kelement Wi-Fi Internet Radio is a strong contender, offering a variety of useful features. In addition to streaming over 7,000 internet stations, the Kelement Wi-Fi Internet Radio includes multiple, pre-loaded applications that can be used to connect to streaming services such as Pandora or Apple Music.

This rechargeable internet radio features a user-friendly touch screen and large speakers. One feature I greatly appreciate is the internal storage, which lets you store up to 8GB of your own music files. This radio also features basic necessities such as an alarm clock and a weather app. It doesn't offer AM or FM stations, but as one of the most affordable internet radios on the market, the Kelement Wi-Fi internet radio is a great entry level option.

WFR-28 Internet Radio by Sangean

The Sangean WFR-28 is one of the most compact internet radios for music streaming on this list, but not at the cost of functionality. This radio offers unlimited access to over 16,000 internet radio stations, as well as FM stations and podcasts. The WFR-28 is an excellent choice for those seeking portable, high quality speakers, featuring built-in digital EQ pre-sets and adjustable bass/treble controls.

The WFR-28 can connect to your computer and just about any other music-playing device you may have, so you can listen to your own music in addition to FM, iRadio, or Spotify.

While many of the devices on this list come with remote control devices, the WFR-28 takes this idea one step further with their iSangean app. This app allows the user to access the radio remotely via their iPhone or Android device. If you decide you're in the mood for some music, you won't need to get up just to put on your favorite song.

Mondo+ Wireless Internet Radio by Grace Digital

One of the most versatile internet radio players for music streaming, the Grace Digital Mondo+ offers access to over 30,000 internet radio stations. The Mondo+ connects to your home Wi-Fi with ease, allowing you access to your music within minutes. This device includes a remote control, but like the Sangean WFR-28, there is also a free iPhone/Android app, giving you multiple routes to control your music.

Grace Digital has many partners, allowing you to synchronize your technology across many platforms, such as a Google Home device, or even providing a battlefield between Amazon music vs. Pandora. It is not readily apparent how compatible the Mondo+ is with the Amazon Echo or the Apple HomePod.

The Mondo+ is not a portable internet radio out of the box, but can be made so by purchasing an additional rechargeable battery pack from Grace Digital.

K2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio by Sonicgrace

This speaker from Sonicgrace is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing internet radio players for music streaming on the market today. Plus, it has the tech to back up its good looks! The K2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio features a massive, eight-inch touch screen with high quality images and intuitive controls along with superb stereo speakers.

The K2 can be used while plugged in, but this device is also easily portable with up to eight hours of playback on a full charge. It features 8GB of storage as well as an SD card slot for additional storage. One of the few drawbacks is a lack of remote control capabilities, but the Sonicgrace K2 is, nonetheless, one of the finest internet radios out there.

Encore+ Wireless Stereo by Grace Digital

Grace Digital's Encore+ is definitely a step up from their Mondo+ in terms of power. It shares many of the same features as the Mondo+, such as thousands of internet radio stations, built-in Chromecast, and a remote control, as well as an app. Unlike the Mondo+, the Encore+ is not portable. In exchange, however, the Encore+ has louder, high quality speakers with impressive clarity. One of the most powerful internet radio players for music streaming, this device also features a power bank, allowing you to charge your smart phone while enjoying over 100,000 stations.

IR6 Internet Radio by Ahiya

Some of the products on this list are pinnacles of technology, functioning not only as high quality internet radio players for music streaming, but also as Bluetooth speakers, tablets, and even video streaming devices. The IR6 Internet Radio by Ahiya is on the other end of the spectrum.

The IR6 functions like a basic clock radio with a simple display and an alarm clock with a snooze function. Compared to old-fashioned clock radios, however, the IR6 has the advantage of offering thousands of internet radio stations to choose from. The IR6 does not connect to any music streaming services, nor does it function as a speaker. If you are in the market for a no-frills internet radio, however, then look no further.

Wireless Smart Speaker by Zettaly Avy

Zettaly's offering may be a little ahead of its time. In fact, this is one of the most advanced radios I've ever seen. Featuring Android technology, this device is practically a tablet with over-sized speakers. In addition to standard internet radio apps like iHeart Radio and music streaming services like Spotify, this portable speaker can also access YouTube and Facebook.

This radio player is probably one of the best portable bluetooth speakers on the market, featuring up to seven hours of battery life, and 8GB of storage, plus a microSD slot for additional storage. If you're only interested in internet radio players for music streaming, this model may not be for you, as its numerous features may be superfluous to your needs. If the additional features interest you, however, you will certainly find this Zettaly speaker to your liking.

M3+ Wi-Fi Internet Radio by LEMEGA

I love the look of this LEMEGA M3+ radio, which has a beautiful wood-patterned exterior (with color options including walnut and black oak). Externally, it has a vintage feel, to the point where it wouldn't be out of place on the set of Mad Men. However, the technology inside is anything but old-fashioned. This is another non-portable device that functions like a super advanced alarm clock. In addition to FM and internet radio capabilities, which provide access to over 20,000 stations, the LEMEGA M3+ features Spotify Connect, allowing you to project music from the Spotify app on your phone to the M3+'s high quality speakers.

Many internet radio players for music streaming fall short when it comes to providing a user-friendly interface for streaming services. The M3+'s Spotify Connect technology is a double-edged sword, providing top-notch Spotify integration at the expense of other streaming services. If Spotify is your service of choice, however, the LEMEGA M3+ has all the features you could ask for in a Bluetooth speaker.

WR233 Internet Radio by Ocean Digital

Ocean Digital's WR233 is a minimalist, functional radio with more than 26,000 internet stations and 250 presets. The WR233 features a high quality speaker that can play music from your phone or from your computer. It cannot, however, connect to music playing apps like Pandora and Spotify, so it probably won't be your top choice if you're looking for internet radio players for music streaming purposes. If you are satisfied with the extensive internet radio capabilities and streamlined functionality, however, then Ocean Digital's WR233 is worth a look.

GDI-IRDT200 Hi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner by Grace Digital

The GDI-IRDT200 from Grace Digital is a unique offering in this list as it isn't a standalone radio. Instead, it hooks up to your existing Hi-Fi system to provide internet radio capabilities. If you're interested in internet radio players for music streaming but you already have a home stereo system set up, a device like the DGI-IRDT200 will give you access to over 16,000 radio stations through your own speakers.

By design, this is not a portable radio player, so this is not the system for you if you desire portability. However, it has the capability to provide the highest definition audio if you already have high quality speakers in your home. Additional features include digital stereo output, FM receiver, multiple presets, and Ethernet connectability.

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