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Best Musical Instruments for Kids

These are best musical instruments for kids to develop their mind while having fun!

Your child's brain is guaranteed to develop faster with the encouragement of music in their lives. Though the "music" they will start off playing will consist of banging, blabber, and off tempo tapping, the process of introducing musical instruments to children's lives have a longterm effect on how they think, process, and develop. 

This list of the best musical instruments for kids is sure to inspire your toddler and prepare them for the years to come, when they eventually pick up a real instrument. Some will work better for others, but this is solely due to the preference of your children. Help them choose the right fit for them!

Hand Bell Set for Children by Faxadella

This is one of the best musical instruments for kids to start off with. This is because the instrument does not rely on precision in order to create music or sound. By holding the bell in their hand, they are already halfway to making music. 

This eliminates frustration for small children, but also allows more developed kids the chance to learn notes and scales. The set includes songbooks in which the colors correspond to notes; and by ringing the bells in the right order, a song will ensue! 

Music Toy by AirJamz

This is definitely one of the coolest musical instruments for kids. The pick-like device gives your child, or you, the stimulation of playing the guitar, minus the guitar. This is not where it stops, the options are tremendous with sounds like drums, sound effects, synths, and the list goes on. 

The device is paired with your smartphone, making playtime a collaborate effort for you and your child. Recommended for children six and up, this tool is a little more advanced, in order for them to truly gain the experience of stimulating an instrument. Plus, even the parents can play with this one when the kids aren't around. Choose between a black or red pick, and the rest of the guitar is up to your imagination. 

Piano Music Playmat by PicassoTiles

Ok, even if you're not a kid, doesn't this look like fun? Who doesn't want to play piano with their feet? Even though it might look a little large, it is easily folded and stored away when you are not jamming out. Besides being a great stimulation for music, this matt also improved hand-feet coordination. There are even six instrument sounds to get them used to the different types of music options all at once. 

Playing the piano is one of the most mind-stimulating processes, and by purchasing this product you are setting your child up for success.

Toy Drum and Keyboard Set by INSTEN

A drum set is said to be a basic addition for your musically inclined child. It's recommended for children from the age three and above, and has not only four toms, but two cymbals and a bass drum and a kick. This beginners drum set is designed for free reign music making. Let your children explore their possibilities with sound. 

Even better, this drum set is not as cringy as you think it might be. Because of the age focus, the drums only have soft sounds that will not disturb your household, while still allowing your child to pound away their creativity. What's stopping you from getting one of the most classic musical instruments for kids?

Kids Percussion Toy Set by Hey! Play!

If you want to go the extra mile with the drum set, this percussion set is perfect for your future percussionist. If you can already see the potential in your little one as a drummer, these toys will have them set up for great success. Plus, it would be great to be used while they are with friends or siblings; there are plenty of instruments to go around. 

The set comes with a tambourine, a set of maracas, and a triangle. They can be used with any combination of instruments or just by themselves! Allow your kid to choose their favorite. 

Kids Trumpet Horn by Click n' Play

Not your typical first introduction to music, but still one of the best musical instruments for kids. This trumpet is a great start to getting your kids into band, even if they don't pick the trumpet when they get the opportunity. 

Joining band or choir, or both, is a great experience for kids of all ages, and starting early never hurt! This toy trumpet even comes with a songbook with classic songs that they can easily learn. Start them off as early as three! Click n' Play also offers different options for the first introduction to "brass" instruments like the saxophone or clarinet. 

Kids Accordion by Woodstock Chimes

Who doesn't love to be unique? The accordion is one of the most interesting musical instruments for kids, as you might not see one at a music store or in a band typically. 

However, this is a great tool for any age, as your kid will be learning about the keyboard and notes, plus the fun action of physically pumping their music. Your kid will love this set, and who knows, maybe it'll stick. You'll have the only child on the block who has perfected the accordion. 

Classic Wooden Xylophone by Hey! Play!

Recognize this colorful xylophone from your own childhood? Mostly every kid has played with one of these classics. Your young musician will love the simplicity of this musical tool. The xylophone will teach them to recognize notes, how to decipher how much pressure to apply to get the right sound, and give them some fun while they learn!

Flute Recorder Toy by Disney

It is typically a tradition among elementary schools for young students to learn how to play the recorder or flutophone at some point. It is among the greatest musical instruments for kids because it is a transitional tool that is easy to teach for beginner musicians. Plus, they are very much child-proof in a nonbreakable aspect, and can easily fit in a backpack or bag. To start your children off the right way before they begin to play a band instrument, guitar, or piano, the recorder is a perfect option. 

Beginners Acoustic Guitar by Best Choice Products

For a more advanced child, this acoustic guitar is great for kids who are serious about their interest in music. This is one of the most classic musical instruments for kids, and a perfect introduction into the world of music and reading music. It is suggested to get your child guitar lessons along with a gift like this, if someone in your family does not already have this talent.

Allow your child to rock and roll with their first instrument that is not just a toy! The guitar comes in either blue or pink, for your daughter or son, or whichever they choose. Plus, the beginners' guitar is typically smaller than a full-size acoustic, so the first few stages of learning won't be too overwhelming. It also comes with a case, strap, tuner, and pick!

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