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Best US Summer Music Festivals

After a long week of relaxation, grab some friends, pack up your car, and make your way over to the best summer music festivals the US has to offer.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

Festival season! The most wonderful time of the year. Good music, warm weather, and copious amounts of bad decisions. What more can you ask for? The states are filled with various festivals, and it's important to decipher which are worth going to. Here are my top 4 favorite US summer festivals that you should definitely consider being at.

Governor's Ball

When: June 2nd-4th

Where: Randall's Island, New York City

Ticket Price: $305 for 3-day admission 

Situated between Manhattan and Queens lies Randall Island, where millennials congregate in early June to enjoy the plethora of talent Governor's Ball has to offer. With a lineup supporting an array of genres, don't be surprised to relish in the midst of a high-tempo Kanye West performance and then subsequently wield your phone light for an emotion-induced Death Cab For Cutie staging. Conveniently located in the heart of the five boroughs, Governor's Ball is a viable options for out-of-staters looking to enjoy a mini-vacation, as there is plenty to do in the great empire city.  


When: June 8th-11th

Where: Manchester, Tennessee 

Ticket Price: $274.50 for 4-day admission 

In terms of musical acts, Bonaroo is quite similar to Governor's Island. Top 40 artists coming together to blue ball attendees with perfunctory performances. HOWEVER, there are some important dissimilarities that may skew your favoritism and bank account towards this Tennessee gem. Positioned an hour south of Nashville, Bonaroo provides its spectators with music, art, and... comedy! Regularly featuring kingpin comedians, such as Hannibal Buress and Kyle Kinane, Bonaroo's comedy club is surely an asset to consider when mapping out your festival season.        


When: June 15th-18th

Where: Dover, Delaware

Ticket Price:Varies ($300-$400 range)

Are lush wooded landscapes your thing? Always wanted to camp out with 70,000 other dog-tired, drug-induced campers in need of a bath? Firefly has you covered. In all seriousness, the intimate experience this yearly festival has to offer is unparalleled, as there are activities in every corner you turn to, such as sports, yoga, and shopping. It would be a sin if I didn't also mention the various eateries at Firefly, as it provides top tier grub, including Vietnamese, organic salads, girthy fat sandwiches, and everything in between. All of this, on top of your favorite music from renowned headliners? Sounds like a must in my book!     

EDC Las Vegas

Let's RAVE!!!!

When: June 16th-18th

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ticket Price: $325 for 3-day admission 

Polarizing lights. Ear crushing bass drops. Peace, love, unity, and respect. Expect all of these amenities at the largest EDM festival the U.S pumps out on a yearly basis. What differentiates this type of festival from others is not only the genre of music, but also the ambiance that comes with it. From unconventional cosplay-influenced costumes to the frequent  interchanging of "kandi" bracelets, EDC Las Vegas will transport you into a futuristic dimension you never knew existed. Or maybe it's the drugs that cause it. Either way, this festival is quite the spectacle, and anyone who favors the vast EDM genre should highly consider attending.  

Here you have it; my top summer festivals that take place in the United States. As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of other festivals in the summer that are worth your money, and it's important to do your own research to see which one (or six) makes the most sense for you!  

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Best US Summer Music Festivals
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