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Billie Eilish an Artist for All Ages

Why I Love Her Music At 43 Old Enough To Be Her Mother

Billie Eilish is controversial—either people love her music or they don’t like her because they think she’s too dark. I love her as an artist. Her lyrics are amazing and yes, some of them tend to be dark but that’s OK because somethings in life have a darkness like the cancer I have been fighting for over 6 years. Although, when you expose and express those difficult experiences and put that in music you’re bringing it light to help people not feel alone and relate to bring them out of the darkness. Her song "Bury A Friend" for example has a very dark vibe resembling a horror movie; however, when you dissect the song you can recognize that it has a very interesting structure, catchy hook, and can actually be applied to a variety of circumstances in life as any good song should. The line in the song "I want to end me" is so therapeutic for me to sing in terms of  wanting to end the part of my existence battling cancer. By no means do I want to end my life, just acknowledging the desire to end the part of me riddled with cancer and in essence, that's what a lot of my life has been about over these last six years trying to eradicate the monster cancer that lives inside myself. "Bury A Friend" became a kind of anthem to acknowledge my efforts to do so, creating a sense of freedom by saying the words out loud.

Billie is also one of the first artists to admit that she takes on a character and each song is built around a character or a concept that may or may not relate to her life directly—that to me is pure art. She’s changing the structure of the written song as well as transforming the idea that in order to be a female artist you have to sell your sexuality or use your femininity to sell records. The truth is, if you are a true artist, your art will sell itself without over sexualizing women in general. Billie sings in her own beautiful style whether a cappella or on the record perfectly and the breathiness in her voice is very hard to do without instruments to keep you on pitch. You can always tell how talented an artist is by how well they can sing A cappella. These are some of the main reasons I love Billie.

The fact that she has reached the level of stardom that she has is in my humble opinion due to the societal need at-large to witness authenticity, receive the message that it is ok to be unapologetically yourself, and celebrate your unique way of doing things flaws and all. Every age group and gender can relate to that.

Billie has a magical way of creating art by creating characters that say and do things that most of us may have thought about but would not say and do because of public disapproval or vulnerability that would be too painful to express.  This masterful expression of  these thoughts exciting people as they watch videos like a variety of art pieces coming to life as they told the story of each song boldly while still embracing ambiguity so that each listener can have space to create their own dialogue of what the meaning of each song is. One of the most enchanting aspects and important parts of the music is Billie’s voice—delicate angel-like yet haunting with pain and still strong when it needs to be. Unlike anyone currently on the music scene and as to be expected, unable to be categorized by genre, Billie’s unique sound provides a tapestry of eclectic songs bound to intrigue most people through one song or another, making Billie’s music appreciated art for all ages and genders across cultures worldwide.

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Billie Eilish an Artist for All Ages
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