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Bobo's Cafe Holds Sway in Somers on Saturday Night

Saturday oldies night gives seniors an upbeat night out.

Jack Chase at Bobo's

Once again, Bobo’s Cafe held sway over Saturday Night in Somers, New York. Jack Chase brought back the 40s and 50s at the mic and allowed seniors who weathered the day’s heat to relax the night away.

“I like being outdoors and hearing the oldies,” said Joan Nordlinger of Heritage Hills. “It’s just so easy.”

The audience interaction also seemed as though there was a facilitation for Diane Tiberi. “I like that everyone seems to know each other and that this is a regular thing,” said Tiberi.

Sufficing in that sentiment, Alfie Herman came down the street with a few of her friends. As such, the retired Somers Intermediate School aide got her trio to opt for a little swing over being set in their ways. “We normally play dominoes on a Saturday Night,” said Herman. “But we decided to have supper and get outside for some entertainment. All I can say is it doesn’t get much better than this.”

We can dance if we want to.

Marissa Marini also saw no reason to be sedated. This despite the stereotype the young may have for their elders. “Just because we are old doesn’t mean we have to sit home,” Marini said.

On the other hand, all the tables and chairs set about might have implied too much in regards to sitting. “I wish people would get up and dance,” pined the grandmother.

Her friend, Angela Viscogliosi, had no problem taking the inclination a step further either. “If I get up and dance, maybe one of those men will get up and join in,” Viscogliosi aspired.

A little younger than most of the demographic, Danielle Romano wasn’t necessarily looking for a partner. She also didn’t carry any guilt over leaving her’s at home. “My husband can put the kids to bed,” she said. “I made the dinner and did the dishes.”

Food, Heritage, Culture, and Diversity

However, Romano was more than glad to leave the food preparation and service to Bobo’s and the Bernardi family. She did so with great appreciation. “Glen and his two sons are so amazing,” said Romano. “They are warm and caring and always look to make your meal or drink as tasty as possible.”

At the same time, the Somers mom wanted to recognize how the joint has become a real hub for the community. “Bobo’s has moved well beyond just being a place to sip tea,” said Romano. “They’ve brought music and culture and diversity.”

Full on display, the seasoned performer did know his audience as he connected between songs. “Do we have any Italians here?” asked Chase.

The receptiveness to all the Sinatra songs obviously made the question rhetorical. Thus it was easy to give Old Blue Eye's heritage the boot. “Italians are very good at music and creativity because they have so much feeling and emotion,” Chase asserted.

The singer gave himself a pass for being a little slight in ancestry department, but his reasoning was sound nonetheless. “Italians and Jews get along very well,” said the former NYC teacher and longtime weekend musician.


Live Life and No Time to Waste

Chase was also proud to play a part in giving seniors more than just a night out. “Music lets them reminisce, keeps them talking, and allows their minds to remain active,” Chase said.

Joe Campone had all that in spades. Visiting from Florida, the Palm Beach resident wasn’t shy about getting on his feet, banging on the Tamborine and stirring up the evening. "It’s about getting people outside, for an upbeat time on a nice summer evening,” said Campone.

And the 70-year-old knows that those who stand up on Saturday night realize there’s no time to waste. “You have to live life. It goes so fast,” Campone concluded.

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Bobo's Cafe Holds Sway in Somers on Saturday Night
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