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Brik.Liam – 'The Ascension LP' Review

Album Review

Soul music manifested in the flesh.

Stormy Saturday weather is always the best setting to submerge oneself into a full binge of music. Especially when you know you are diving into a project that’s guaranteed to leave you soaked with all the feel good’s and all the brightness of the feel bad’s. I like to split the music world into fractions. There’s a section of the music world that is so loud and filled with promise. These artists, and there are so many, offer great quality in artistry and music. You know when you say we are missing something in today’s music? Well, this place offers what is missing! Brik Liam is a resident in this section of the music world. 

Hopefully, this is a reintroduction to Brik and you’ve indulged in his other great projects. He humbly pulls us into the inner workings of a soul he has fought hard to maintain and leaves you with the same strength, wisdom, and fire to fight for your own. Besides every 30 seconds or so finding myself yelling at my Macbook “SING, SING YOU BETTER SANG!!!!” as only a real music enthusiast does, I appointed myself as the honorary backup! You know music is good when you make it an unwarranted duet! But, back to this infectious piece of work. 

I honestly don’t even know which songs to highlight as the stand out tracks because well, this whole LP stands out! But the first song that comes to my mind is "Higher Part II (Away)" Man! Haunting, very melodic the way he flees in and out of vocals effortlessly while telling the story of a chase gone bad and knowing when to let go of someone. “Alright” feat Naomi Parchment ushers you into the knowing that is everything will, in fact, be alright, while offering reassurance that he himself has bare witness to the bad always turning good. Then, when you get to the height of this offering Naomi’s angelic tone swoops in for the assist! “Even” feat Calvin Lockett starts out with a very creative vocal ricochet of “do do da do do da da do do da do do da da” that quickly brings out your inner Super Mario nostalgia! How he even came up with the idea of doing this boggles my mind but I am damn sure grateful for every part of it. This song is quite simply about the journey to forgiveness, forgiving self, and reminding you to forgive even those who lack the ability to love you back. But, even in its simplicity, the depth it reaches to teach the beauty of loving enough to forgive should surely spark that text, call, email etc. to someone whom you’ve harbored negative feelings towards. Of course not to backtrack!! Look, don’t be stupid hahahaha but definitely to release. “Beautiful+" introduces you to a much-needed love of self via beautiful poetry and stapled with raw vocals BUT the last 3:50 of this track is GOLD!! This beatboxed lead acapella tune with perfect harmonies, is it! Yeah, think of all the goodness of funky/soul music and this is it!! He croons about fighting temptation in such a feel-good way its almost as if you wished he’d give in due to the upbeat and joy this track offers. All in all this 17 track masterpiece offers so much soul and many variations of inspiration that on this journey called life all of us need! Be sure to catch his show in Dallas later this month with a few other residents of the same section Brik occupies!

The Ascension LP gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Available on all platforms!


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Brik.Liam – 'The Ascension LP' Review
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