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Bronxlyn Debuts with '2 Boroughs 1 City'

New York-native, Bronxlyn, drops explosive debut project, '2 Boroughs 1 City.'

So I had a pleasant surprise while I was digging up talent for my open mic series, Check It! I came across this video, and after just a few seconds I think, "I need to hear more from this guy." After reaching out to him, I received an invitation to a listening party for his upcoming debut project. His name? No, that's not a typo, you read it right.

Born in the Bronx, raised in Brooklyn—ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Bronxlyn.

"Realize from my eyes."

The best of both worlds, if you ask me. He would actually say the same: "It's the best of both worlds... two different chapters of my life." In finding the connection to these worlds, he found solace on the 4 train. An NYC subway line that connects the two boroughs. On the way from work and back, he reminisces, "That was my space to write... 'I have 30 minutes to write this.'"

He walked into the studio, amazed at how many people were there. Yeah, you can tell he was feeling a little nervous. As many new artists often feel like when sharing new work for the first time, Bronxlyn expressed that at the height of his excitement he just couldn’t wait for its release: “This feels like a rollercoaster—you're waiting for it to drop and it doesn't drop." Surrounded by family and friends, the album began.

"Time to turn my plans into actions."

Amen to that. 

Base bumpin', lyricism on point—everybody is clearly feeling it. And all I kept thinking was, "I can't wait to get this project alone." As I thought, 2B1C is even better. It's a project that's easy to hear and enjoy the first time around but gets better when given time to digest it. Best of both worlds, I'm telling you.

"Far from a saint / She's the girl of my dreams."

Bronxlyn is a true artist. Surrounded by people, there were times he just vibed out to his own music. He was getting lost in his own words, as if he were alone in the room. Off to the next track, he'd stand up and perform for everyone. Not sure if anyone noticed, but that's what a passionate artist looks like. Take notes, I did. 

2B1C, as far as debuts, is a success. Polished and matured, Bronxlyn presents his soul all in 12 tracks. A raw talent with that real New York sound. It's his technique, artistry, lyricism, and—most important—it's his passion that will get him far.

"This one for the win."

2B1C offers up hypnotic beats, disoriented beats, hard-hitting beats, daunting beats—let's take a moment to recognize the producer, Buggy. Who are you?! Seriously, salute to a real one. Buggy and Bronxlyn make magic together. That Janet sample on "Campus Nights" caught me by surprise, I definitely had a moment. Bronxlyn laces up each and every beat with intricate bars, offering up different flows but the bars never lack. When creative minds link up... well, you get 2 Boroughs 1 City

"This one's for you, and you, and you."

As the project came to a close, everybody cheered on for Bronxlyn. There was a lot of love and support in that studio, he wasn't expecting it at all. He had a moment with someone he clearly looked up to: "My mentor, the teacher... if it wasn't for him, I would've made a left." One of the best parts of that night was the multiple attempts at a group photo among friends. As one of them shouted "Since '06!" in the back, Bronxlyn didn't want to let the moment go by without saying: "The fact that we can still meet up like this... it's a blessing." This is what love and support look like. Take notes, I did.

In the midst of thanking everyone, he said: "if you guys enjoyed one song, I accomplished my goal." Bronxlyn, no need to be modest and humble when you drop an album like that. And the night ended with everyone chanting "2B1C, 2B1C!" The album is a must listen. Choose your vice above and go to his site for more details on Bronxlyn.

Bronxlyn—Thank you for sharing your music, and continue to create. 2 Boroughs 1 City is a great debut and it shows the world you have the potential to be a powerhouse. Respect. 

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Bronxlyn Debuts with '2 Boroughs 1 City'
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