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Bruno Mars

Mr. Soulman

Out Of This World

Bruno Mars is one the top selling pop artists in the world. Before all the fame and becoming Bruno Mars, he was born into this world as Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His parents are Latin percussionist Peter and his mother was singer and dancer Bernadette. Bruno's parents gave him the nickname Bruno after Sammartino. He has five siblings. Bruno Mars was born into a very musical family. He started taking music seriously when he was about three years old. He would perform with his family on stage. And he would be an impersonator of Elvis Presley. All of Hawaii would come and see little Bruno perform. Later on down the road he would also impersonate the king of pop, Michael Jackson. As the years went by when Bruno Mars was in high school, him and some of his friends formed a group called "The School Boys." They would perform in front of the Ilikai Hotel in Hawaii. Then, after graduating high school, he moves to Los Angeles. The first few years were a little hard for Bruno Mars. He struggled to try and make it in the music industry. Then one day Bruno Mars was introduced to songwriter Phillip Lawrence to help him write music for other artist. Bruno Mars had finally scored his writing songs for Brandy and Flo Rida. When he wrote the song "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy, he decided to join him on the track and it became a major hit. After several years in the music industry, Bruno Mars finally became a broke out artist after singing with B.O.B on the song called "Nothin' On You." It went straight to the number 1 spot immediately. Then the time finally came, Bruno Mars released his first solo single "Just The Way You Are" from his debut album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" in 2010. The song and the album made it to the top 10 charts. Then he made follow up songs like "Grenade" and "The Lazy Song," which also cracked the top 10 charts. Then he wrote a song called "It Will Rain" for the movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 in 2011. In 2012, he released his second album "Unorthodox Jukebox." On that album were a few hits like "Locked Out of Heaven," which went to the top. And it won Best Music Video. "Treasure" was another song from the album and won Best Choreography. Then there was "When I Was Your Man," that reached number 1 also. Bruno became popular that he collaborates with Mark Ronson on "Uptown Funk." In 2013, Bruno Mars gets the opportunity to perform at the song at the Super Bowl. Bruno Mars has come a long way. What is Bruno Mars doing now? He has collaborated with other artists like Damian Marley, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and others you can name. He starred in the movie Rio 2 as Roberto. And he has released a few more hits like "Versace on The Floor," "24k Magic," and "That's What I Like." He is dating model Jessica Caban since 2012. I hoping there will be wedding bells or maybe Bruno Jr. He has really helped by donating money to Flint, Michigan for the water crisis. That really makes me a bigger fan of his, because he helped my hometown. One funny thing I see when I look at Bruno Mars as a kid, my son Joseph looks just like him. People always ask me if Bruno Mars is his father. Nope! But anyways, Bruno Mars is a very hard working man. Bruno Mars is also very VERY handsome. I love you Bruno Mars!

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Bruno Mars
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