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BTS| Favorite Ranking

Video Credits: Big Hit Entertianment

My BTS favorites list keeps changing constantly, but for the past ten months or so it has been pretty solid. Hence, why I decided to do a list a for each member. Don't get me wrong every member is amazing and has their own talents.

7. Suga

Image Credit: Big HIt Entertainment 'Fake Love' MV

I must admit Suga has never made it to the top of my favorites list. However, I think he rocked th Fire era.

6. Taehyung a.k.a V

Image Credit: Naver x Dispatch

I prefer to call him Taehyung. He was the first member of BTS that I knew of. When I first heard of him, I thought his name was Tae, like, just 'Tae". Later, I found out his stage name was "V" and his real name was Taehyung. He, at one point, was my #1 favorite. Not only because I liked his raspy voice, but because he's also a '95 baby like me.

5. RM

Image Credit: Naver x Dispatch

He will always be Rap Monster to me. Like Suga, he has never made it to the top of my favorite's list. However, I know he is a great leader that has managed to make BTS more unified in their pursuit of greater success.

4. Jungkook

Image Credit: Naver x Dispatch

Ah... the baby of BTS. Well he is not much of a baby anymore, is he? He was the second member I knew of. Although, when I started to listen to BTS, I thought his stage name was "Kookie". I later found out that this a term of endearment many use for him. He has made it to the top of my favorite's list.

3. Jin

Credit Image: Big Hit Entertainment 'Fake Love' MV

Jin made it to the top of my list way back during the Fire era. He was this cute guy with blonde hair. Not to mention that a friend pointed him out and I got into him.

2. Jimin

Image Credit: Naver x Dispatch

Jimin slightly caught my attention during the Fire era. However, it wasn't until a scandal broke out where many thought/think there was a beef between him and Twice's Jeongyeon. Little by little he became my favorite. I also have to point out that he is just two weeks older than me! And my sister was also born on the same day as him but three years later.


Image Credit: Big Hit Entertainment 'Fake Love' MV

What can I say? Hmm... well, he never really caught my attention until the BS&T era. He has a great personality and laughs a lot in front and outside the camera. In reality, he is the one that still keeps me listening to BTS. I know I might get hate, but I miss BTS's old songs and since they have changed their style, I kind of lost interest. But whenever I see J-Hope, it makes me go back to BTS.

See you next week!


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