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Bubba Army

Outcast radio show in the Tampa Bay area.

If you're from the Tampa Bay area, or Siri, you'll hear about the Bubba The Love Sponge Show here and there. The show mostly known for it's FCC violations, the Nedley prank calls, Bubba Clem's lawsuits, and many more. This morning show became so popular within the Tampa Bay area, that thousands of fans began to promote Bubba Army gear, and so on (like myself).

The morning show began in 1996 where Bubba Clem was hired with 98 rock (also in the Tampa Bay area), and then shortly ended in 2004 after a lawsuit with the executive with 98 rock (if I'm not mistaken). However, Bubba Clem then signed in 2006 with Sirius XM Radio, all the way up to 2010. This was also short-lived, when he decided was no longer going to sign with XM Radio. Now, where the fun began is when he joined 102.5 The Bone Radio, where he then began to pick fights with Cowhead (lead host of one of the shows hosted on this channel). There was a song, that is my personal favorite from Manson called "Half the dick they think he is." This song was a parody of "Half the man I used to be"- Stone Temple Pilots, and was to taunt Cowhead, and humor Bubba Army's listeners. Cowhead then sued Bubba and the show ended in 2016.

Now that the show basically died down after all of the lawsuits (I didn't mention all, cause there's definitely a lot) Bubba Clem is now presenting Bubba Army Radio, which started before Bubba Radio went away with 102.5 The Bone. You can still stream live with Bubba Army Radio, as long as you have some type of live access to their show. I have found a few, but won't share lol. 

My all time favorite co-host of the Bubba Army Radio was Ned. The old fart who did most of the prank calls! He's also made a few parody songs that I personally love, and feel that those who have a good sense of humor to check out. Such as "Double Wide." In his prank phone calls, my all time favorite is the "Blow Up Doll Call." This is where he calls and places an order with a man and selects his dream woman. This is also where he wanted three anuses as his entrances, Three heads on one body, and five foot long pubic hair. The list goes on. When he finally had enough, he then says he'd rather just bang the guy's mom, and the representative hangs up. Now this goes on in several other phone calls where he pops off sexual remarks. Ned has also taken part in Bubba's taunts with several other show hosts to keep the fire going. Such as the time where Cowhead or whomever, released Hulk Hogan's sex tape with Bubba's now ex-wife. Bubba and Hulk Hogan were once good friends up until the sex tapes were released. Bubba also slept with Cowhead's wife, and Ned took part in taunting these other show hosts for Bubba's act. Not only do I like this old fart for his blunt, and humourous ways; he's just an adorable old man. In addition, whoever thinks that Manson is Ned, I should punch you really hard. It has been proven personally that Ned is in fact an old 70-year-old something man who is has in fact who he is. Ned may not be his real name, but he is real.  

There are a TON of things behind this radio show; however, this blog will turn out to be a book by the time I've finished typing out my research. 

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Bubba Army
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