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'Burn the Stage: The Movie'

A Review

The YouTube Original series has come out with a movie version and I had the chance to finally witness the experience of watching it last night. To be honest, I actually had watched the series on YouTube but the movie takes the story they told to a whole new level. It was a little more like a natural documentary rather than one where it's an interview plus documentary, which is something I liked.

I'm overall going to try my best not to give any spoilers but I will give out some tidbits that were in the movie that I remember. This is mostly due to watching it last night but also because whenever I review something such as when I was doing my song reviews, I would watch or listen to the performance at the same exact time. But since I needed YouTube Red to watch the Burn the Stage series and I had already used up my free trial of it, I will not be able to fully reference any of the things that were said in the movie or series itself, other than what I remember from last night.

So overall this is more of a review with how I felt rather than a traditional review with breaking down everything, but also as a type of blog post as well.

The movie started out with the BT21 commercial, which I thought was cute, especially since I was wearing my RJ headband (actually I was also wearing my RJ sweatshirt and had my baby Jinjin, AKA the hair pin of RJ I have but I gave it a nickname on my wrist) and I squealed.

Then honestly the rest was a bit of a blur because of all the emotions, laughter, and such riling up inside of me. So this is where I shall be mentioning the tidbits that I actually do remember from the movie. And it shall be in list form!

Taehyung (V) Playing Flea's Waltz on the Piano + Groom Kim Seokjin

To be honest, I could probably put these two things as separate but it actually coincided with one another during the movie and I was cracking up during this. But I believe it was when they were in Hawaii, and they had a BBQ and Taehyung was playing "Flea Waltz" on the piano before somewhat playing the beginning of the Wedding March and suddenly I heard "Groom Kim Seokjin." I automatically started cracking up!

Yoongi (Suga) Not Swimming but Drinking on the Side of the Pool While Everyone Was Jumping into the Pool

This happened a bit after Groom Kim Seokjin. But basically all of them were jumping into the pool except Yoongi. And Yoongi was just being his little self and drinking while watching them. But the slow mo of all of them jumping into the pool cracked me up, especially when Seokjin kept doing flips. I actually got a bit scared that he would hit his head or something because the water seemed shallow.

The Members Trading Their Solo Songs During a Sound Check

Honestly this really shouldn't have been a surprise of what they would do to each other. I don't fully remember who was doing whose, but I do remember Taehyung was doing the sound check to Jungkook's "Begin." Jungkook was doing the soundcheck to Yoongi's "First Love" (but this one I wasn't entirely sure... because I was already laughing). And he fell. Hoseok (j-hope) was doing it to Taehyung's "Stigma." And my favorite... Yoongi did it to Seokjin's "Awake." And because he can't hit the high notes, he randomly went, "I can't do this!"


There was a little part with Yeontan, Taehyung's dog, in the trailer and it brought so many emotions and squeals because that dog is so adorable! Honestly, I don't have much to say for this part that I remember. I just wanted an excuse to say Yeontan's name.

And that's really all I remember in the blur of watching it last night. There was a part where everyone in the theater started getting emotional and crying a bit. And that itself makes me proud to be ARMY.

So do I recommend people watch this documentary movie? Yes... I wholeheartedly say yes. Now I know that the movie was released in theaters as a special for a limited time, but I do hope they will release it in DVD/Blu-Ray format in the future so other ARMY that didn't get a chance to watch it (possibly due to school, work, or other schedules) will get a chance to experience it.

I hope you enjoyed my somewhat recap/review (mostly recap at this point). I purple all of you! 

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