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C.K. and The Rising Tide Talk About ‘Friends’

Single Review

Hailing from Hudson Valley, NY, there is a new trio of musicians that are going to set the country world on fire. Their music has a classic, down-home feel to it that will please country fans of any age. While they call themselves alt-country, indie rock, and a splash of Americana, the first single on their upcoming album has a straight up Americana feel to it.

There really isn’t much music out there these days that doesn’t cross some kind of genre boundaries. I guess it’s the cool thing to do. Maybe there just isn’t any way to stay in one solid genre. Maybe musicians are just too creative to stay inside the lines or in the square. They have to put their music out of the box, make it unique.

C.K. and The Rising Tide have a great country track in “Friends,” but it has a little bit more than that, too. They aren’t pigeonholing themselves. They let the music take them where it wants to go.

Before I get too far into this new single release, let’s learn a little bit about this country trio.

The band began with singer-songwriter C.K. Flach. He did the solo thing, with lots of local radio play. He even got a slot at a well-known music festival, which is where he met the guys that would complete his trio.

That completion came with the addition of Chris Brandt on the bass guitar and Danny Boudreau playing violins and keyboards, but probably not at the same time. Since the band resides along the Hudson River, The Rising Tide seemed a fitting name.

While the band remains a trio, they worked with C.K.’s brother, Wayne Flach Jr., a guitar player, to get this debut song out for all to hear. The new album this song will be on is titled American Romance.

“Friends” tells a story, or many stories actually. It’s a soulful song with some pop sensibilities. What I loved most is C.K.'s work on the harmonica on this track. I’m a harmonica fan because my fiancé plays one (quite well, I might add). The harmonica seriously makes every country song sound better. Well, at least when the person playing it knows what they’re doing. In this case, they do.

This song is very cultural. It tells the story of many people. It tells about friendships and about the differences between people. It does all this with a hip beat to it that kind of reminds me of something Brad Paisley would do. It's a song that seems to spend a lot of time reminiscing.

C.K. has a great talent for lyric writing. The words are descriptive, they almost pull you in like you’re reading a book.

I feel like the underlying idea of this song, what I got out of it anyway, is that we all have our differences and sometimes those differences will keep us apart. We won’t be friends with everyone we meet. Friends or not, people care. Even when you don’t think anyone does, there’s someone out there that does.

C.K., in the press release for this sing, said that it isn’t just about one person. I feel like he meant it to be about society as a whole. He said that it’s about being grateful for the friends you do have (I’m greatly paraphrasing here).

You can listen to this single for yourself by clicking HERE

I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of this album has to offer.

C.K. and The Rising Tide is brought to you by the good people of Whiplash Pr & Marketing

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C.K. and The Rising Tide Talk About ‘Friends’
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