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Things People Don't Tell You About Being A DJ

Skunk Uzeki
in Culture

Most people who have been in the electronica scene have fantasized about being a DJ at least once. It must be amazing to see people dancing to the music you make, seeing how your music affects your fa...

The Rolling Stones: A Retrospective

Benjamin Weinberg
in Culture

For more than 50 years, The Rolling Stones have been the mainstays and stewards of the Rock n’ Roll universe. Founded in 1962, this English band transformed the music world, sold hundreds of millions ...

"Resist, Stand Up, Fight Back"

Xavier Gonzalez Jr.
in Culture

Like millions of other people across the country, the results of the 2016 Election hit me pretty hard. The thought of a thin-skinned, racist, xenophobic, demagogue being the leader of the free world w...

Things You Should Know Before Your First Rave

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

Going to your first rave can be a life-changing experience that makes you question everything you know about life. It can help you learn about new music, meet new friends, and even change the way you ...

Obscure Genres of Electronica You Need To Listen To

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

If you ask me, there aren't many genres of music that can deliver as wide a range of emotion as electronica. In some ways, electronic music is more akin to a modern day symphony. The only differences ...

A Modern Day Renaissance Man

The Ticket
in Culture

Earlier this week I was reading up on the Renaissance for my Western World history class. The era’s prominent characters are now referred to as “Renaissance Men”: A person with many talents or areas o...

How To Start Your Own Record Label

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

Every music fan has a sparkle of a dream, of staring up a record label of your own, to produce music the right way--your way. With technology advancing, that dream seems easier to attain than ever. An...

Best Sites to Get Your Music Featured

Nathan Sacket
in Culture

What are the best sites to get your music featured? In an online sea of fascinating music and music fans, finding your future followers will require knowing your tribe (or tribes) and following your s...

MODESTEP - Bringing Dubstep Home

Samantha Bentley
in Culture

If you don’t know who Modestep are, then you have probably never listened to UK Dubstep. Covered from head to toe in tattoos and now in the process of writing their third album, it seems like a lifeti...

Music & Fashion: Intertwined Throughout the Ages

Riley Reese
in Culture

Fashion is one of the clearest signs of the times, and it says more about our society than we give it credit for. We can tell the difference between the jeans hippies wore in 1969 versus the skin-tigh...

How the Music Industry Changes Artists’ Authenticity

Shaunna Nelson
in Culture

It seems over the course of time, it becomes difficult for our favorite artists to stay true to their original form. Who’s to say its the weight of the industry or the ever-so-popular cult group “The ...

Popular Concerts: A Reflection on the Largest Audiences in History

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

A popular band or musician can attract huge crowds and audiences for their concerts. Tickets to the greats are expensive only because everyone wants to see them. Their shows always seem to sell out. B...

A Pillar of Rock

Frederick Park
in Culture

In the world of the electric guitar, few guitars have been as influential to music and the innovation of the instrument as the Fender Stratocaster. In its more than 60 years of production, the Stratoc...

History of The Who

Will Vasquez
in Culture

The crowd outside Boston Gardens on April Fools Day 1975 was psyched beyond the normal craziness attendant to rock events. Cars couldn’t move through the densely congested pedestrian traffic radiating...

Let Life Flow, Like Mozart

Charlotte Chan
in Culture

Dear Readers: When we talk about our future or our past, we can easily notice that we get caught up with all sorts of feelings — we dwell in the worry for our future or the lament for our past. Living in the intense demand of productivity and keeping up with the social-media-cramped society could be stressful and lonely. Our present moments are often compensated by the feelings we have for the future and the past, what about now? What do you think to create you feelings for your “now"? At this m...

Building Your Music Brand With Instagram Niche Marketing

Jacqueline Jax
in Culture

Watch the video... You may not realize it but there are people building huge brands on instagram. This little app is amazingly powerful and so easy to use. In fact, right now it’s one of fastest growi...