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Chapell’s EP ‘Soul Man’ Is Soulful

Love, Music, and Storytelling

Alan Chapell has been doing the music thing since childhood. He was serious about it too, making a statement that he had to succeed by 25 or it was all over, essentially. Then, I guess, it was time to get serious about life and get a “real” job. I’m seriously paraphrasing here. But, now that Chapell is looking back from 30 he realized he was wrong, and that’s good for us music lovers because he has some great stuff on his EP Soul Man.

His music blends a big band and pop feel with some ska-like instrumentation and a little R&B flavor. It’s really an amazing mix that will get you hooked. If you love music that tells a story and makes you feel love, and all those other good feelings, then you should most definitely look this guy up. In fact, he’s easy to find on Facebook

“Soul Man,” the title track of this stellar EP (obviously), is such a beautifully rendered song. There is something so romantic and touching about it, and it’s not just the lyrics that make me feel that way about it. Every instrument seems to work together to give this song something that is different than most songs out there. The lyrics are important, but the instrumentation on this particular song is simply divine. This being the first song I listened to from this album I was worried that the other songs couldn’t possibly live up to what this song offers to the ears and the soul of the listener (I was glad to be wrong, I had nothing to worry about).

Sticking with that loving feeling that seems to emit from this entire EP, “My Baby Loves Me Now” is just what you’d expect with such a name. Again, the instrumentation is lovely. You can tell that Chapell loves making music and does what he can to ensure that each song is absolute perfection. The R&B feel to this song gives it an interesting appeal, and the background music makes it sound like it’s a song that belongs on a Broadway stage with dancers wowing the crowds.

“Watercolors” is my favorite song of these four tracks (I’ll get to the last one in a moment). Aptly named, this song feels like a work of art. Even more than the delightful piano work and other instruments, Chapell’s vocals really stand out on this track. The lyrics of this song also show how good of a storyteller Chapell is. This song is a novel set to music, it’s a romantic film with a beat, and it’s a love poem that you’d give to your one true love on Valentine’s Day.

“She’s On Fire” has a great synth sound that sneaks into the song, with the use of some well-played instruments (I’m pretty sure the sound is coming from horns, and not a keyboard). This song really gave me an 80s pop song feel and I really enjoyed that step away from the mellow tracks that lead up to it. This song is fun and peppy.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and a need to love the people that are important to us more often each and every day, there is no better time than now to check out the music of this talented singer. You’ll be in awe of the instruments as they play and pull each song together, while you are mesmerized by Chapell’s beautiful low vocals that are always just the right volume and never seem to drown out the rest of the music that is helping to make his story-filled songs come alive. This entire EP is a work of art.

Soul Man

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Chapell’s EP ‘Soul Man’ Is Soulful
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