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How does it feel?

...Clinged. Clinged onto the good life, while evil is clinged onto me.

Not every artist has an easy come up. Some are given a life changing opportunity, whereas others have to create their own opportunities... then there's me.

I'm the furthest thing from ordinary. I grew up full of hate, fear, sorrow and pain... with an extreme desperation for love and deep hunger for success. I was born into a cruel world where it's survival of the fittest. Raised in the ghetto by a single mother playing two roles for a damaged child, he had to raise himself into a man. He became full of anger and couldn't quench his thirst for revenge as he watched his mother pay all of the bills, cook all of the meals, and shed all of her tears alone. This damaged child's life was the complete opposite of how it was supposed to be; full of smiles and genuine love. He was under a cloud of darkness since the day he could count to 10. This damaged child is me. I consider my damage wisdom, because it made me aware and ready for anything. If i wasn’t damaged i wouldn’t be prepared for the life threatening changes I was unknowingly going to experience. I've escaped gang life, senseless acts of violence and drug scenes by the skin of my teeth... but no one has a good time skating on thin ice. When I was 14, I would hold knives against my skin to prepare myself for what I might inevitably feel if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time... death on the streets seemed like fate for so many years. I was so sick of being ready to die that I went through a state of self-isolation in order to stay away from the dangers I was succumbed to, sparking extreme loneliness and depression. I became so warped in my own mind that I went through relationships, friendships, jobs, heartbreak, all these meaningful things in life like they meant nothing. I was emotionless... I hated myself for hurting people, hurting myself, and my chance of happiness slipped right out of my hands at the age of 17... but things changed when I heard my calling.

When I was 14, I picked up a pen and paper, spilling all of my pain and anger into rhyme schemes that I would even impress myself with! I was never satisfied with my work, so I would study talented lyricists such as Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$ until I picked up their technique. Every artist wants one thing, and that's to make it. If I'm not to succeed in my artistry, there's no hope for me. With this mindset, I had to do years worth of research and experimenting in order to find my own sound… so I made my own sound. I started music production at the age of 16, and would create up to 100 different instrumentals from scratch in two years’ time, until I finally found my signature sound. With years and years of pure anguish all in ink, I finally found something I could cling onto... my newfound dream. I am now 18 in a rap group by the name of Sin City Scoundrels with a very thought-out EP on the way. This EP is conceptually telling my story of ascendance, with raw and passionate yet catchy lyrics over cold, ambient trunk-rattling beats. This EP will start this beautiful, twisted journey of mine in an unheard fashion. You will feel every emotion ever felt by man in my work... I pray it clings onto the ears of those who are trapped in what I am learning to escape. With that being said...

...The '4 Corners' EPs are on their way.