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Concert Experience: Jon Bellion

Why I Think Jon Bellion Is Worth Going to Yet Another Concert...

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Jon Bellion. Songwriter, producer, rapper, singer, performer. You get the whole package with Jon Bellion. Jon is from New York. He makes it very clear in some of his songs that he absolutely loves New York, and it seems like it has really inspired him. His albums, The Definition, Growth, Translations Through Speakers, The Separation, and The Human Condition are some of the greatest albums released in this generation. They're real music. 

I have seen Jon Bellion twice; once while he was touring with Jingle Jam and the other on The Human Condition Part III tour. Yes, Part III and yes, he sold out the other two tours. Quite honestly, I think he could have had a Part 85 and still sold out every show. He's just that good. People love him. I love him. Thankfully, Jon mentioned during his concert that Part III was it, and that he was going home to write more music. (YAY!!)

Jon Bellion's music is very unique. You can tell he puts his entire heart and soul into each song. His music is captivating, fun, and relatable. I really love watching videos of him singing in the recording studio because you can really tell he loves what he's doing. He does not write music for his producers. He writes music for himself and his fans, which I think is really awesome and really needs to happen more. 

Jon is probably one of the most energetic performers I have ever seen (and as a professional concert goer, I have seen A LOT of concerts). He really gets the crowd going and involved. His lights and background screens are always perfect for the song. I sometimes relate songs to colors so this might just be a me thing. You can just really tell Jon and his crew really pay attention to the details to make sure each tour is perfect. 

One of my favorite things about seeing Jon Bellion is that he performs a variety of his music. His old stuff (and I'm talking mixtape old) and his newer stuff! He even plays some of his most popular songs in different ways. One of the most memorable songs is "Maybe IDK." In concert, he performs it with all drums. It's truly AMAZING and makes you want to dance. I attached a video at the bottom. Trust me, it's waayyy better live.

I really love that Jon Bellion and his band wear casual clothes on stage too. Sometimes you see big-name pop stars wearing elaborate clothes... or clothes that you question if they even count as clothes. The first time I saw Jon, he was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and a Beautiful Mind hat. Jon Bellion's merchandise tables always have really awesome attire and merch! 

Both times, Jon's concert was a "standing room only" kind of concert. I prefer these kind of concert 1) because it's easier to squeeze to the front 2) first come, first serve, my dude. You betcha I am in line at least two hours early and 3) you get to really experience what, I think, a concert should be. So, if you cannot or do not want to stand for about a three-hour concert, I would recommend checking to see if there are seats. I, personally, love standing concerts because it's easier to dance, and you even can meet new people. 

When you choose to go to a Jon Bellion concert (because you are going to cave in eventually), make sure you know at least some of his songs. You can even look up set lists to see what he's played at previous shows so you sorta know what he might perform! 

My overall concert experience is definitely a 1,000,000/10. I cannot wait to go see Jon Bellion again soon. You can find tour dates on or on TicketMaster.

Jon Bellion – "Maybe IDK" Live

I do not own the contents of this video.

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Concert Experience: Jon Bellion
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