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Content to Watch on Youtube If You Love Music

Youtube Series for Music lovers

Credit The Webby Awards

Youtube has become the home for over-budgeted music videos, girls trying to be relatable, and easy ways to lose weight, so it can be hard to find content one actually enjoys. Sure we are given recommendations based on what we've previously watched, but all it takes is your sister signing in to your account for those recommendations to be inaccurate. It took some time, but through a series of scrolls and searches I've compiled a list of quality segments to watch on Youtube, specifically for those who love music like myself. This list, of course, excludes the obvious thing us music lovers love on youtube; music videos. 

1. 'Teen Vogue' Playlist of My Life

For about a year now Teen Vogue has been doing a segment called "The Playlist of my life," in which a wide range of celebrities come on the channel and create a list of songs that influenced or motivated them during their life. Some of the celebrities that have appeared are pop sensation Billie Eilish, rising actress Storm Reid, singing duo Chloe and Halle, and romantic comedy star Noah Centineo. What's so good about these videos is you get to see some of your favorite stars connect to songs you might also have a connection with. So many of the celebrity interviews are often just 50 minutes or so of the talent being thrown numerous basic questions, and they rarely get the chance to truly express themselves. In this segment you really get to know the star as they share their favorite songs, and how that song impacted them. 

Some of the best of these videos that I would recommend are: Lizzo, Ruby Rose, Billie Eilish, and Troye Sivan. 

2. Genius Verified Series

Genius is a media company founded in 2009 that centers around music and music knowledge. Along with having an app where you can annotate music lyrics, Genius has a youtube channel where they explore how songs are created. One of their most popular segments is the genius verified series where artists come and explain their lyrics. There are videos that are a bit unnecessary especially when it comes to some rap songs where the lyrics are pretty self explanatory, but the majority of the videos give you a nice insight into the artist's point of view. The best videos in my opinion are the ones with singers who showcase their strong vocals without autotune. One of the things that I find exceptionally nice about the series is that it gives spotlight to upcoming artists who you might've not heard of before. As well as showing artists at different levels of their careers, Genius gives light to all genres. Theres so many videos, I might actually do an article expressing my favorite ones. 

Some of the videos I recommend are: Miguel "Shy Walker," Jessie Reyez "Figures," Daniel Caesar "Got you," and Trinidad Cordona "Jennifer." 

3. The Joe Budden Podcast

Over the last two years, former rapper and Everyday Struggle co-host Joe Budden has established himself as a podcaster with his Joe Budden Podcast. Alongside his friends and co-hosts Rory and Mal, Joe discusses the music industry, specifically Hip Hop. The segments I listed earlier are really short and barely go over 20 minutes, so if you're looking for something to really occupy your time, this is for you. The podcast averages at around two hours, which is spent talking about current issues in the music industry. Since it's a podcast you can listen to it on Spotify, but I prefer to watch the youtube videos, because I like to see their reactions. They shoot the products every Wednesday and Friday, and they're posted on Saturdays and Mondays. Next to their regular podcast, Joe himself has an interview session called "Pull Up" where different hip hop artists come and talk. One thing I love about this podcast is that they always manage to make me laugh. 

4. NPR Tiny Desk Concert

I know I said I would be excluding music videos, but this is more of a concert series, so I guess it doesn't count. NPR's Tiny desk concerts are small performances by artists at the NPR music office. The artists perform some of their best songs, and explain a little bit about the songs. The intimacy of the performance reminds me of little kids performing in front of their family, or an artist perfuming in front of a small group of fans. Some artists who have graced the desk of NPR's music office in the past years include Adele, Erykah Badu, Wyclef Jean, and T-pain. Among big artists performing the majority of the acts, are up and coming artists like Jorja Smith, Sampha, and Saba. All of the artists who perform are chosen by host Bob Boilen. If you don't want to watch the youtube video, there is also a podcast version, but I recommend the youtube videos. 

Some of my favorite are: Tyler The Creator, Noname, Anderson Paak, and Daniel Caesar.  

5. All Def Music's Bar Exam

All Def Music's Bar Exam is a great series for rap enthusiasts who want to test their lyric knowledge. In the series, rappers are given a rap lyric and have to decide what artist wrote it. They are given about four choices, and if they get it wrong, they have to keep on choosing until they pick the right one. It's really interesting to see if your favorite rappers know specific lyrics, and it's also nice to play along and see if you can guess the artist before them. Most of the artists who come on are pretty well known rappers, or are just coming off of having a hit. This is a good segment if you just want something quick to watch as the videos are about five minutes give or take. 

Some of my favorite are: Doja Cat, Rapsody, and Pnb Rock. 

6. Elle's Song Association Game

Elle's song association game is a very popular series on youtube, racking up millions of views on each video. The series is so popular other channels have actually copied the idea. In the game, the artists are given a word and a certain amount of time to come up with a line with that word in it. It's sort of similar to the board game encore, which I do recommend to buy; it's great for family events. While the series I previously listed is more for fans of rap, this series is more for R&B and pop lovers, but some rappers do make appearances. For example rapper Saweetie was featured in the game not too long ago, and I really loved the songs she came up with. This series is similar to Teen Vogue's playlist of my life, because you also get to see the artist have a connection with the song. This series is great because, like Bar Exam, it's interactive and you can play along. This is just a side note, but I love the cover art for this series, it's very aesthetically pleasing. 

Some of my favorites are: Ciara, Sweetie, Chloe and Halle, Ariana Grande, and Alessia Cara. 

In order: 'Teen Vogue' Playlist of my life, Genius Verified, Joe Budden Podcast, NPR music concert, All Def Music's Bar Exam, and Elle's Song Association

I hope after reading this post you watch and become interested in one of these series. If none of these catch your attention, keep on searching for content you like, and if you can't find anything, create your own.



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Content to Watch on Youtube If You Love Music
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