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Coolest Guitar Straps Every Player Must Own

Don't overlook the details! Take your playing to the next level with the best guitar straps on the market.

Guitar straps aren't the most glamorous part of playing the guitar, but if you want people to take your playing more seriously, it might be a good idea to invest in one that's high quality. Guitar straps do far more than just hold up your instrument, a good one will be more comfortable while also  letting you express your personal tastes. Learning to play an instrument isn't easy, so why not be comfortable as you do it?

Many basic guitar set-ups already come with picks, gig-bags, and straps, but as your playing progresses, you should no longer be using basic equipment. And, if you have a heavy guitar, there are practical reasons for investing in some high quality guitar straps. In addition, the more you play with a better one, the clearer it will become how cheap your starter strap really is. The cheap plastic it's made out of will wear down and grate your skin. Playing music can change your life for the better, so avoid all the crappy equipment out there and pick up some of the coolest guitar straps currently on the market. 

Custom USA Handmade Electric Guitar Strap by Souldier

Souldier straps are vintage inspired and made with high quality, genuine leather in the great city of Chicago. These handmade straps also have some recycled seat belt in their formula, so they're incredibly long lasting.

They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but most of them have floral, somewhat psychedelic themes. While they aren't the cheapest option on this list of high quality guitar straps, they will last forever and come with a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

Pro Guitar Strap by Comfort Strapp

Comfort Strapp makes clean, no-frills guitar straps for serious players only. They provide unmatched comfort and performance, and their composite design has the soft cushioning of neoprene, which will outperform most straps you're used to.

It comes in two sizes, and it's proprietary neoprene technology offers the only strap with a limited stretch. Better yet, they make their guitar straps right here in the USA.

PolyLock Locking Guitar Strap by Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball makes it easy to securely attach the strap to your electric guitar or bass without the need for any modification or clunky hardware. It is designed to lock right into your existing strap buttons, so just lock them in and you're ready to jam.

The patent pending design comes adjustable between the lengths of 38 and 67 inches, so you never need to worry if it'll fit certain guitars. 

MSS1-BLK Veg Tan Leather Guitar Strap by Levy's Leathers

Levy’s is a mainstay in the guitar strap world, producing a wide range of high quality guitar straps over the years. This is one of their best versions, so it makes a great buy for a budding rock god.

Levy's uses only the highest grade leather, and the padding is insanely  comfortable and soft. You could play for hours with this strap and still be at maximum comfort, perfect for veterans and rookies alike. 

Black Leather Guitar Strap by Planet Waves

Planet Waves leather guitar straps are made from high quality, genuine leather, and they never sacrifice comfort for durability — luckily for you they've got them both. They also come with strap locks, which is great if you plan on playing in a rock band and don't want the strap to come loose.

In addition, each one are designed straps with tapered ends, so the strap doesn’t interfere with your hands when you're in the middle of that big guitar solo. 

GS1 Betty Guitar Strap by Mono

Memory foam is the star of the Mono guitar strap, as the more you use it the more it'll fit to your exact needs. If you're really living that hippie dream, these are cruelty-free and are a great choice in guitar straps if you don't want leather.

They come in two sizes: short, adjustable between 40 and 46 inches, and long, adjustable between 47 and 59 inches.

Modern Vintage Guitar Strap by Gibson

If you prefer the look of that old-school, classic strap, but would like some modern amenities blended with it, the Gibson Modern Vintage Guitar Strap will be right up your alley. It's made with thick memory foam padding wrapped in top-quality cowhide. 

It's made by Gibson, so as far as guitar straps go, it truly doesn't get much better than this. Just make sure you're really into playing before picking one of these up, as they're going to run you over a hundred dollars.

Steve Vai ClipLock Guitar Strap by DiMarzio

Designed with the help of guitar monster Steve Vai, DiMarzio created some of the best guitar straps money can buy. The cool thing about these are their creative strap lock system. By fastening the clip ends to your guitar, you can quickly change straps just by releasing the clip holder, making it a breeze to change between instruments.

You can get them in a variety of colors, and they measure two inches wide, and come adjustable between 43.5 to 63.5 inches.

Suede Guitar Strap by Fender

Made with the same high quality suede as a great pair of shoes, Fender has created a gem here with this beautifully crafted strap. The strap is fully adjustable, and because it's Fender you know you're getting one of the best guitar straps around.

Perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars, these straps won't let you down and will easily last for years of intense, though comfortable playing.

D3819BK Grommet Black Guitar Strap by Dunlop

This nylon strap by Dunlop is one of the most simple on this list of best guitar straps, but that doesn't mean it will deliver worse results. It's a great option if you don't have a lot of money to burn, but still wish to upgrade from your stock strap.

It's a no non-sense strap that provides more comfort and durability than a basic one, while costing you about $12. If you're just getting into guitar, this is a perfect pick for the budding guitar player in you. 

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Coolest Guitar Straps Every Player Must Own
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