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Crayon Pop Beauty Ranking per Era

From Every MV

Credits: Chrome Entertainmnet

I have been seeing a couple of these videos and articles going around. Just a small but important disclaimer: this list is only my opinion. You may think that a certain member looked prettier or fit an era better than the other. I understand that and respect your opinion. So, please understand and respect my opinion as well. Now this list, you can say, is biased. Crayon Pop is my ultimate bias girl group, but I have never been able to pinpoint a concrete bias. For example, when I just discovered who Crayon Pop was, my bias was Ellin.

However, as I got to know more about the group and the members it became harder to choose my bias. It always went from Ellin to Soyul to Way and so on. However, I must admit my bias was Soyul before she decided to leave the group. That seriously broke my heart. But, now she is a mother, and although I am going to miss her as a member of Crayon Pop, being a mother is something she took priority over and I admire that. The members are getting older and their goals are other things, perhaps.

I have a great love for this group and for everything they accomplished at one point in their careers. However, sometimes I get a bitter sweet taste. They never really had another hit like "Bar Bar Bar" and seriously, for me, this is very regretful. I wish I had known this group when they were just starting their music and I had supported them and help them win more in music shows and at award ceremonies. Unfortunately, I met them when their fame was already declining. But most of all, it sucks that people see them as one-hit wonders.

Yes, I understand that "Bar Bar Bar" is the only song they are remembered for. However, people seem to forget that many of their music videos have over seven million views on YouTube. Also many of their songs were on the top 10 in different music shows. I am not saying that their songs were the best or that they were good enough to win. All I’m saying is that just because they didn’t win at music shows, it didn’t mean they were not popular anymore. To be honest I really miss seeing them at music shows and performing even if they don’t win.

Ellin is such a beauty! Like, seriously, she had and still has the potential of becoming an actress or make commercials. It really is such a shame that Chrome didn’t take more advantage of her beauty. In a way that is understandable, since Chrome is a newly founded company and the owner pretty much ran with all the costs. Although, I am happy that Ellin is considered to the top 100 most beautiful female idols. I really wish, not only her, but all the members did music and some side gigs like acting. I mean many members from other k-pop groups do it so I don’t see a problem with that.

Of course, maybe that is not what the members want to do and maybe that is why we don’t see them as often as other girl groups. If you don’t know who they are, you should really consider watching some of their videos. Up until this day, three years after I got into the k-pop world, I still go back to their music videos and music show performances and interviews. Their contract and many of their upcoming schedules are still on a limbo. But, mark my words, I will be ready for when they each make a return.

See you next week!

—Style Idol Closet

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Credits: Chrome Entertainment, Reddit

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Crayon Pop Beauty Ranking per Era
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