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Cruise Ship Classic Reggae Hits

Classic Reggae Tunes You'll Definitely Hear on Every Cruise Vacation

Reggae music and cruises go together like peanut butter and jelly. What's one without the other? Cruising is the most relaxing method of vacation travel. It wouldn't be the same without the sweet sound of reggae music. The laidback, feel-good, uplifting vibes make the day so much better when you're sunbathing out on the pool deck waiting to get to the next port of call. If you've ever been on a cruise vacation, there's a high chance that you've probably heard these songs during your voyage.

"The Tide Is High" by Blondie

One of the most classic pop songs ever. A number one hit from the year 1980, the laidback reggae vibe and soothing horn melody of this song instantly transports the listener to a tropical paradise. An absolute hit for any pool deck.

"Red Red Wine" by UB40

Another classic number one hit from the 80s, a cover song originally sung by Neil Diamond. This song is about wine and its ability to make you forget all of your problems. The perfect tune for any vacation. A cruise without booze wouldn't be much fun, now would it? Add a little reggae music to go along with your poolside cocktail and you're all set for the afternoon. Funny thing about this video is that everyone is in a pub drinking beer and there's not a glass of wine anywhere in site.

"Baby I Love Your Way" by Big Mountain

Now this is an absolute gem of a song. It's perfect for any time of day on a cruise, but especially during those moonlit evenings on deck with your significant other. Originally a romantic, slow rock ballad written by Peter Frampton, this song was about him telling his girl that he loves everything about her and wants to be with her night and day. Add a reggae melody and a powerful saxophone solo and you've got a hit. This song was also featured on the soundtrack of 1994 film Reality Bites.

"Sweat (A La La La La Long)" by Inner Circle

This is a song about sex. This song is about a man having passionate sex with a beautiful woman, and the guy wants to give the girl the best time of her life. This is one of those songs that everyone enjoys even though it might sound mildly inappropriate. You'll hear this on every cruise vacation, most likely in the evening.

"Wonderful World, Beautiful People" by Jimmy Cliff

An upbeat bop with a positive message. Instead of fighting, we should all be loving and helping each other. If you've traveled the world on a cruise ship, chances are you've encountered people from different nationalities. You've probably also experienced all the sites and sceneries from your ports of call. This song does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of traveling and appreciating the world around you.

"Sunshine Reggae" by Laid Back

This is yet another amazing song from the 80s. Laid Back was an electronic pop duo from Denmark. This song was unlike anything they've ever done. The tropical feel and lyrics of the song create the perfect vibe for any cruise vacation.

"Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes

Piña Coladas are one of the most popular tropical cocktails ever created. It's also the one thing that you'll find on any cruise ship besides the sounds of reggae music. This catchy pop, reggae-inspired tune became the last number one hit of the 1970s. However, this song isn't just about Piña Coladas. It's about a man whose become bored with his current relationship and wants to escape, then reads a personal ad from a woman seeking a man that catches his interest, so he replies with an ad and arranges to meet up, only to find out that the woman is his current partner. They both happen to share an appreciation for Piña Coladas.

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars

Another pop song heavily inspired by reggae and a more recent addition to cruise ship playlists, this was a number one hit in 2010 and continues to serve as an anthem for doing absolutely nothing. Perfect for a relaxing cruise vacation.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin

A great philosophy to live by, this song was sung entirely acapella and became a number one hit in 1988. Whether you like it or not, you'll always here people singing and whistling this tune all around your cruise ship.

"(I Can't Help) Falling In Love" by UB40

Another romantic tune that you're guaranteed to hear on your cruise is a reggae remake of an old Elvis ballad from 1961. This became the bands biggest hit and remained at number one for seven weeks in 1993.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" by UB40

Another fantastic reggae cover from UB40. Originally sung by the Temptations in 1965, this version was made popular in 1990 and is an absolute banger.

Anything and Everything from Bob Marley

What would a cruise be without reggae music? Probably an endless loop of "YMCA." It just wouldn't be the same, and reggae music wouldn't be what it is today without Bob Marley's music. When you're on a cruise ship, you are absolutely, 100 percent, guaranteed to hear anything and everything from the late, great Bob Marley. Let's face it, the man was synonymous with reggae music and has numerous hits that fit the mood of a cruise vacation. You will definitely here every one of his greatest hits which include: "Is This Love?," "No Woman, No Cry," "Could You Be Loved," "Three Little Birds," "Buffalo Soldier," "Get Up, Stand Up, Stir It Up," "One Love," "I Shot the Sheriff," "Waiting in Vain," "Redemption Song," "Satisfy My Soul," "Exodus," and "Jamming."

Bon Voyage!

Most of the songs on this list were mainstream pop songs or covers with a reggae twist. However, they are all timeless classics that everyone enjoys and loves to listen to while on vacation. I hope you enjoy listening to them over and over again on your next voyage.

Happy Sailing!

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Cruise Ship Classic Reggae Hits
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