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Cult of Ya – The Concert Promoters That Care

Appreciating the Promoters That Offer More Than Just Value for Money

Cult of Ya is a community of left-leaning, underground music fans.
We aim to satisfy the demand for unseen, previously inaccessible underground misc worldwide, and provide access to both emerging and veteran artists.

On the surface, this is just your typical 'we are progressive, we do a lot' mission statement. It appeals to the general public and builds excitement for the product or service on offer. Almost every company has one; from Nike to Amazon to Pizza Hut, they often fall into the category of token gesture, the words becoming lost in the unethical practices on how a product is manufactured, how employees are treated, or something as simple as delivery times. 

However, Cult of Ya is an exception. Rather than offer your typical 'here is an artist, here's the price, pay it' approach, Cult of Ya stays true to its word. Their approach; an inclusive community that hosts events that do more than just make a quick buck. 

 With diverse crowds, loyal followers and a service that offers an affordable package to see artists you'd otherwise have to spend years waiting to see, it feels like the company that started out back in 2015 offers so much more than the typical service. Without purposefully sounding like a cliché, you're a part of the show and feel connected to both the artists and the people behind the scenes pulling the strings. In fact, you're so connected that there is even the occasional chance you may just run into someone who happens to allow you into exclusive private events, events that the company could easily charge and make a considerable amount of money from.

It may seem like one feat to be able to bring artists such as Jay Park, Zion.T, Crush, and others whilst being able to ensure you're not paying £200 just to breathe in the same vicinity as your idols for an hour or so. It may seem like a kind gesture to not charge triple and organise a rushed meet and greet, whilst also somehow avoiding hundreds of tickets suddenly appearing on resale sites for £5000, but it's an exciting thing to be able to do what only certain events can do, and that's bring people together.

A quick search on Twitter will tell you that the people who attend these in-demand events come away with friends for life, and seeing these people of different race, background, culture, gender and sexuality being brought together just out of pure love for music is heartwarming. Of course, this can't be credited solely on the promoters themselves, but I can count the amount of times I've arrived home from a concert promoted by the likes of Ticketmaster with a new group of friends, acquaintances, or just having met an interesting person on one hand, and I'd still have five fingers left. 

You don't have to be Asian to like Korean Hip-Hop, and the proof is in the pudding at these Cult of Ya events. They're more than just events to many, but experiences that they'll carry with them for life. As long as Cult of Ya stay dedicated (which I'm sure they will), people will always attend, and whenever a diverse group of progressive minds meet each other, that'll almost always lead to good outcomes. So I encourage anyone that has the chance to get down to a Cult of Ya event, whether you're just a casual observer of some of these artists, or a hardcore fan, because I guarantee you'll come away with a feeling you'll never want to rid yourself of, and make memories you'll never want to forget.

In case you were interested in a Cult of Ya event, you can find details of their current lineups on their website, and you can find them on twitter (@cultofya) and Instagram (YaEvent). 

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Cult of Ya – The Concert Promoters That Care
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