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Customize Your Listening Experience with Lucid Audio Headphones

Want your music experience to really be yours? Check out Lucid Audio.

Music is one of the very few things in life that is both personal and public at the same time. Everyone experiences music a little differently, and will have different reactions to the same song. Everyone who goes to concerts knows that what we hear will differ from person to person due to the way our ears process it.

Considering how unique music tends to be to peoples' life experiences, it only makes sense to get headphones that give you a more personalized audio experience to match it. That's what Lucid Audio did with their specialty line of headphones.

Lucid Audio makes headphones that work with your hearing, even if it's impaired.

Even if you're hearing impaired or are slowly starting to lose your ability to hear the subtler notes in music, you still probably want to jam out to some tunes. Lucid Audio's headphones are perfect for that cause, primarily because they were designed to work for the hearing impaired.

Their headphones allow you to toggle the volume to create a music level that suits your hearing spectrum. They also come with sound-activated hearing protection built in, which means you won't risk losing the hearing you still have.

Though they do work for people with impairments, you don't need to be hearing impaired to love these headphones.

While Lucid Audio's amplification and hearing protection are great for those who have hearing problems, these headphones can be used by anyone who loves being able to enjoy music.

Their ultra-high definition audio gives you a pure music experience that will have you feeling like you're at a concert every single time. They even work well with bass-heavy tracks.

If you're tired of tuning out others whenever you tune into tunes, you will also enjoy Lucid Audio.

There have been a huge number of accidents and problems that have arisen from having headphones that keep you from hearing noises in your surroundings. It's an age-old problem that forces many music lovers to choose between listening to tunes and hearing people around them. 

Lucid Audio headphones allow you to amplify the ambient noise around you up to nine times its regular level, which means that you never have to choose between music and safety again.

Since you get to choose the amplification balance, you always get to hear what you want to hear at the level you feel most comfortable with.

Of course, if you want to listen exclusively to your music, you can do that too.

Though being able to hear your ambient noise is important in many situations, there's something to be said about the wonderful experience that comes with zoning out to your favorite track. If you want to do that, you can toggle your headphones to make it happen. 

Since Lucid Audio's Hearing Headphones have noise cancelling technology, you can get rid of distracting noise with ease.

Like other upscale headphones, you don't just get to listen to music.

These phones might have the main purpose of giving music to the world, but they're also very office-appropriate. You can take calls with them, use the built-in Bluetooth to connect to other devices, and even use them as regular ear protection.

Connect the way you want to connect.

While the Hearing Headphones do have Bluetooth connectivity, you don't have to use them wirelessly if you don't want to. They also come with a 3.5 mm jack, so you can use them with older media players if that's the only way you can connect to them.

They are built with your comfort in mind.

Headphones aren't going to be very good for you if it hurts to wear them, which is why Lucid Audio is all about bringing a new level of comfort to your ears. Your ears will be kept safe and cozy with the headphones' ample padding and ergonomic design.

Even the hearing protection comes with coziness built in. The noise protection that's built into the headphones gently close around your ears when loud noises are detected.

In other words, these headphones are pretty much designed to work with life.

Ludic Audio headphones are the kind of gear that work with your lifestyle—no matter what that lifestyle is. If you're looking for affordable headphones that deliver an audio experience that's all about you, it's time to grab a pair of these. You (and your ears) will thank yourself for it later.

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Customize Your Listening Experience with Lucid Audio Headphones
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