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'Da Takeover'

"How It All Came About...."

Photo Credit: Kenyon Raymon of Good Look Promotional Facilities 

This song was such a release for me! 

I've been married twice. Not something I am ashamed of, but yeah, lol. My second marriage was where I really started to dig into my career as an artist, but it was also where I had a lot of heartache and pain. The song "Da Takeover" is the last straw for me when that marriage ultimately ended. 

We had been married (on paper) for about nine years, we probably had only really been together maybe four or five of those years. He left a few times, for his own selfish needs and desires. None of which were worthy. But somehow he would always come back. I always allowed him to come back. 

I was afraid of being ridiculed if my second marriage failed, so I held on. Although I had changed my spiritual paths and beliefs, there were parts of me that still held on to the concept of "'til death do us part." Horrible way to think when you aren't happy.

Until one holiday it almost became lethal that I get away from him. I made up in my mind then that this marriage was over. I started planning a way out because in a crazy sort of way, he had his grip on me and because I made the most money, I didn't want him to be able to fall back on me in the divorce and I end up paying alimony. Because by then, I knew he was a bum. Always leeching off of someone who he thinks has more so he can do less.

It took another nine months before he caused another scene and left the house. This time it was for good.

He came back, as always, but this time I didn't allow him to come back. That's when the rage took over in him and the truth came out about how he really felt about me. That rage caused me to rethink everything I thought I knew about this man, everything I thought I could accomplish with this man and the reality that he played me... like Gazoo on The Flintstones. The lyrics reveal that when you listen to the song.

"You were my friend, lover, partner, I thought forever. Instead you gave me, heartache and pain. The more I tell, hell, I'm so ashamed. You played with me, betrayed my heart, you took control but it's over now. It's Da Takeover, the big payback..."



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'Da Takeover'
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