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Dear X-YLE, "This Year" Is Yours

Queens rapper releases stake claiming song.

In the underground world of arts & entertainment, many independent artists, such XYLE, vigorously believe that friends and fans no longer support talent but popularity. Even with the amount of high-quality press he has received, X-YLE still does not consider himself to be part of the "cool kids." X-YLE, a hip hop rapper from Queens, NY, influenced by artists such as DMX, Nas, and many more, garnished his Hip Hop sound which has allowed him to progress within his artistry. His 2017 return consisted of him releasing a track entitled, "This Year", that illuminates his desires and ambitions. When asked what is the inspiration behind his music, X-YLE replied, "Life. Any and everything that goes on in my life fuels all my music. It's from the soul, and I know that I can inspire at least one mind with my music."

The production starts out with X-YLE letting you know that his sound thus far is due to his hometown with upbeat synths that lead X into his catchy hook. The beats produced by NY Bangers shapes itself into primal, heavy-hitting pounding allowing X to smoothly access the pockets and deliver his narrative. With the basic backdrop of the story mimicking a "started from the bottom, now I'm here", X flawlessly turns this track not only into a storyline of his uprising, but a danceable club spin that instantly has your head bobbing. "My music conveys all around honesty. Honesty about life, about feelings. I have NEVER rapped anything that wasn't something I went through. My music is about the ups and downs of a middle-class kid from Queens," says X. "This year is pretty much my declaration for wanting more from now and here on. I work too hard on my craft and brand so now I'm out to reap the fruits of my labor."

So, what exactly will allow this year to be for the taking for X to receive the buzz he deserves? With the exceedingly growing number of wannabe and upcoming rappers, differentiating oneself from others within their genre category often provides a standstill within one's career. Surely enough, past awards, celebrity interactions with big names such as Fat Joe, Papoose and more and big touring creds such as Interscope Records, Def Jam, G-Unit and RuffRyders gives X-YLE a leg up and a head start in the race. X believes that his ambition and overall commitment to the craft is what keeps his name in higher rankings over some of his peers.

With many hardships at hand including paying bills, becoming a full-time artist and adjusting to the ever-changing trends in music, we asked X what advice would he give to his 15-year old self that he believes would have better benefitted his career now. "Dear X-YLE at 15," he starts off. "Don't get hung up on the people around you that say [they] want to be down. Establish yourself first, THEN reach back and pull up those that are as hungry as you." With the release of his video announced to drop June 27, 2017 and his upcoming album to be released later on in the year, X-YLE plans on filming a movie scripted by himself as well as plan a tour upon the successful completion of his album.

For now, you can listen to "This Year" which can be streamed and purchased on distributors such as Tidal, Pandora and Spotify.

Listen to "This Year"

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Dear X-YLE, "This Year" Is Yours
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