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Delicious Vinyl Block Party on W. Adams Was Quite Delicious

The Labor Day block party held on W. Adams in Los Angeles by Delicious Vinyl was an amazing spectacle!

The block party on W. Adams street in Los Angeles held by Delicious Vinyl right in front of their pizza parlor, Delicious Pizza, was an extravaganza of music and crowd goers. It was a the second annual Labor Day Weekend party that is held to commemorate old school rap and just delicious pizza.

The block party had its collection of food trucks that provided tasty foods for Angelenos that came to this event. There were also other vendors promoting magazines and cool internet radio stations. As for the people that attended, it was a plain site of a huge amalgam of characters that made the block party a colorful place to be.

The Performers

The stage set up by Delicious Vinyl was lit up all day at the W. Adams block party with newcomers, and, of course, old school rappers. It was quite a listening list and the performances were quite catchy. The list involved for the day was Nga Dave, Boomyard, Rail Up, DJ R-Tistic, DJ Ethos, Nina Dioz, Pato Watson, and Kronika for this first half of the day. All of these artist help up their mic and provided plenty of stylistic music. The crowd was at their attention at all times.

They were followed into the early evening with DJ Rhettmatic, Los Rakas, Illa J + Frank Nitt, and Ma Dukes. Again, it was a variety of performers that came to deliver. They help up the torch throughout the early evening and did killer job at provided straight up street music. As for the crowd, it was filled with all ages and all enjoyed this free show that rocketed to the sky for that day.

At the end of the evening, the block party ended with Slimkid3 and DJ Nu-Mark. The cool songs kept the crowd going and alive. They held true to their MC ways and delivered their rap game to the fullest.

Masta Ace came up after that and he killed it with the crowd despite facing some technical difficulties. While the equipment went out on him a couple of times, he did a great job at keeping the crowd involved. The fun was also very alive as Master Ace would acapella old school rhymes while involving the crowd. That is what you call a true MC.

Of course, the show ended with one of the best old school rappers ever! Yes, KRS-One stepped into the light and closed out the show in true fashion. It was straight up Hip-Hop fashion! KRS-One did not hesitate to come out blasting with his rhymes and political views. It was a true show!

Before KRS-One ended his ceremony with all the Angelenos that showed up to the 2nd annual Labor Day block party on Adams, he decides to let Bushwick Bill from the Ghetto Boys deliver some rhymes. Bushwick Bill, being another old schooler, helped the show reach a very hip climax with his positive messages about Delicious Vinyl and other performers of the day. Yes, he also rapped some of his old school songs.

In the end, KRS-One delivered and put the icing on the cake when he rapped his last song. The stage turned off and people were left satisfied. The whole day was packed with great performers and would have to give them many props for making the block party a huge success.

KRS-One Rocking Out

Block Party by Delicious Vinyl

Closing Time

As soon as KRS-One stepped off the stage, the crowd dispersed in a very comforting manner. They had witnessed quite a show. Some lucky spectators, like me, had VIP to the Delicious Pizza backyard, which was right next to the stage. That ticket was worth it!

The VIP Lounge, the restaurant’s outdoor patio, had a little platform in which the guest could stand on and look onto the stage. This view had the perfect view because it overlooked the main crowd that was on the street. It was dope and it was worth every cent.

Delicious Pizza also had a beer garden for the 21 and over. It was free to get in, but the beer, of course, cost a reasonable price. Of course, the VIP pass came with two free beers, and that so rocked. The pizza parlor did an awesome job at putting out great entertainment and just a cool fun time for Angelenos. So next year, don’t miss out for the third annual! It was a very cool block party for a small neighborhood on W. Adams, but it sure rocked like a big venue. 

KRS-One Handling the Media

At the end of the show, KRS-One handled the media very well and kept sending out positive messages. 

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Delicious Vinyl Block Party on W. Adams Was Quite Delicious
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