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'Double Or Nothing': Review

Big Sean and Metro Boomin release their new project.

Album artwork

After finding out last week that Big Sean and Metro Boomin were working together on a project, I did not expect it to be so soon. Today, we were blessed with Double Or Nothing, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

The ten track album features the likes of 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Swae Lee, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and more. The album is a follow up to Big Sean’s I Decided, where he worked with Metro Boomin on the Grammy-nominated song "Bounce Back." Metro Boomin has also had a few releases this year working with Nav on his album Perfect Timing, Gucci Mane on his album DropTopWop, as well as 21 Savage and Offset on Without Warning.

The lead track for the album is "Pull N Wreck," featuring 21 Savage which came out November 3. The song was co-produced along with Southside. Basketball player and die-hard hip hop fan LeBron James received an early listen of the project on Wednesday. He shared the love with fans and previewed several snippets on Instagram.

Big Sean has said that the collab “ain’t about status; it’s about what your’re bringing to the table: how we’re going to progress humanity, how we’re going to give people something to work out to, to live to, to upgrade to.”

"Go Legend" starts with a sample from Diana Ross which sets Big Sean’s ambitious and contemplative rapping. Featuring Travis Scott, he sets the bar for this album. His hook, along with Big Sean, also sets the tone as a boastful track.

"Big Bidness" features 2 Chainz in this bass heavy banger. This track is all about Big Sean and 2 Chainz aka Titty Boi's business ventures and money moves. Metro Boomin kills it with his signature production and leaves you thinking, will he ever take an L with a heavy beat?

"Who's Stopping Me" has a Latin vibe to the track which is a sound that Big Sean has not explored. It starts with a sample from "Clarão da Lua," a Brazilian song written by Nazaré Pereira.

"Pull Up N Wreck" features 21 Savage who is known to be quite aggressive and threatening on tracks so Big Sean  joins in. The pair demand respect with one consequence — getting wrecked.

“So Good” features Kash Doll where he and Sean rap about moments that have been intimate with lovers alongside a heavy drum and bass beat.

“Savage Time” sees Big Sean beginning part one discussing the segregation and savagery he grew up around and how he overcame it. In part two, Metro Boomin switches the beat where Big Sean flexes the life he lives now. Travis Scott also provides additional surprise vocals and an outro to the track.

“Reason” sees Big Sean and Swae Lee come together to produce a track about constant changes in attitude and actions apart from if they have reasons to stay.

Natalie’s Go To Tracks:

Track 1: "Go Legend" feat Travis Scott

Track 4: "Pull Up N Wreck" feat 21 Savage

Track 5: "So Good" feat Kash Doll

Track 8: "In Tune"

I would give this collaborative album a strong 4.5 out of 5 as it brings sick features. Metro Boomin’s production is second to none and it includes some really good tracks. This is definitely a contender for my favourite albums of the year for sure.

This week has also seen new albums from Jaykae, Chief Keef, and Kendrick Lamar has released a DAMN COLLECTOR'S EDITION album. D Double E has announced his album is ready and J Hus has annouced he is making new music.