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Dusty Grant and This Longing Heart

Could grunge make a comeback?

With the recent loss of Chris Cornell, it seems like the old school grunge era is coming to a close, with so many of the greats gone. Someone commented on Facebook, right after the news about Cornell, that “Eddie Vedder stands alone.” It’s a shame. Grunge music was a standard in the early 90s and it was the soundtrack to my final years of high school. It’s still a genre of music I enjoy listening to, and there isn’t much of it being made new these days. Even the ones still around from that era, like Vedder, aren’t making that kind of music anymore.

Listen here

However, with this one debut single, there is again hope for the life of grunge. Dusty Grant, a singer/songwriter from Kansas, released a beautifully made acoustic grunge song that will have you digging out your old CDs in no time. One listener of This Longing Heart said Grant sounded as though he were channeling Layne Staley in the vocals. Myself, I could hear that and so much more of that era of grunge that I have missed so much.

This is just Grant’s debut as a solo artist. He has been doing the music thing for 17 years now but has recently struck out on his own to make music his own way. This song could stand up with the likes of Alice In Chains, early Pearl Jam, STP, Nirvana, and Temple of the Dog. This song would have had a place on the soundtrack from Singles if it were only around 20+ years ago.

Let me get off track here for a moment; If you haven’t seen the movie Singles (1992), you really ought to see it. It doesn’t even matter who’s in it. The soundtrack is full of great music from Chris Cornell, Mother Love Bone, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and more. It’s a must for grunge lovers (the movie and the soundtrack).

After listening to the beautiful grunge stylings of this song by Grant, I wanted to head to Spotify and find a grunge playlist to indulge in. However, I wanted to take a moment and listen to the song that had followed up this debut song, It’ll Be Okay.

It’ll Be Okay keeps that grunge sound going, though this one has more of an energetic beat to it. Grant’s vocals are spectacular in this genre of music but would be just as good singing a country song. I am impressed with his talent and really looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.

I feel like Grant’s grunge rock sound could bring grunge back. I mean, no true Nirvana fan has ever stopped listening, but wouldn’t it be great to have this genre come back with some new bands and musicians in the game? I think it would be sweet.

Grant has a video for This Longing Heart, but it’s just him in the recording studio playing his guitar and singing. There really isn’t much to it, unless you like simple videos. Bland video aside, the song is phenomenal, and whether you listen to it while watching Grant perform or you listen on Soundcloud, you really should listen.

Watch the video

Music should be like clothing. Every couple decades the same clothing comes back into style again, so why can’t music do that too? Instead of just relistening to the old stuff, new bands can come out and bring genres long gone back to a new generation. Let’s start with grunge! Thanks for the great songs Dusty Grant. Keep up the grunge!

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Dusty Grant and This Longing Heart
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