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Eminem Grew A Beard

Beneath the Mask

Over the last week, we've sat in silence watching as the internet has blown up over  what they are calling Eminem's "New Look."
I'm not staying silent any longer. This is the classic case of why Celebrities like Eminem live so much in isolation. These people put themselves out there and share their exceptional talents with the world providing a sense of Entertainment.
Yet, the general population takes this for granted. They act as if because these people share that small portion of their lives. That they have the right to get involved in these people's personal lives and judge even the smallest decisions.
It's a beard!!
If you, or a man in your life, decided to grow a beard, would there be this much hoopla?
We have that freedom,  people like Eminem don't, and this past week is proof of that.
I've bitten my tongue reading comments, like:

"He changed his hair to brown and grew a beard."


That's Eminem's natural hair color, it always was and always will be.
For years, he changed himself for the public. This "new look" is raw Marshall Mathers, that person all you fans claim to "know." Yet, you don't.
You know Eminem and Slim Shady, the mask. Not this man behind it.


He's mentioned it many times throughout the years. In publicity photos, lyrics, interviews, and even his short-lived cartoon. Yet, apparently, no one understood. 

It might be a bit of a shock, yet it's the cold harsh truth of reality. You have always known his public personality, not the man behind the mask.
He's finally removed that mask and has shown the world a real piece of his true self.
Which, no doubt has something to do with his hushed up album, rumored to be coming out soon.

The man in the picture above is the real person behind his stage name and alter ego. We should be proud that he has finally had the courage to reveal his true self. Yet it's overshadowed by rejection.

It's a hypocritical world, and he's being rejected by the same people who swear they love him and know the man behind the music.  However, these people can't overlook facial hair?

All the public should be concerned about is the music, which will not abruptly change over a beard.

The Difference?

Over the years, Eminem has tried to explain the difference between his three sides, which has always been subliminally indicated with a backward E. His three distinct sides.
He explained it best in 2015, when he picked out three songs, that he feels describes each of his sides.

Just Don't Give a F***

From his own mouth, Eminem has described this song, as being the best depiction of what Slim Shady is. It's everything that pushes limits and buttons. Has everyone talking, and making assumptions about him based on lyrical content, that may not even be his own beliefs.

It's that Angry Blond that everyone knows and loves. 

Lose Yourself

The stage name and emcee behind it all, Em's said that this song is the best description of this side of him. The love of music, and drive that pushes him to continue what he does, no matter what it might cost him in the end. And all the fame and sacrifice that goes with it. Can you get any clearer than that?


The man behind the public mask, rarely seen. The real man raw and out of the judgemental public spotlight. How he truly feels, about where it all has taken him. Mockingbird is the best depiction of Marshall Mathers.

The Man Behind The Mask

The man in the picture above is that same man behind Mockingbird. The man he truly is, and who cares if he has a beard? It's his choice and it should be respected, after all, why should we have a say? Couldn't we at least give the man that little bit of freedom? After all, he owes us nothing, and we owe him everything. Considering all he has sacrificed to continue to deliver the music we've grown to love.

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Eminem Grew A Beard
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