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Eric Frisch’s Music Makes You Want To Keep Listening 'Late In The Night'

Modern music with a vintage feel

Eric Frisch is a talented artist, kind of a singer/songwriter if you would. He is an acclaimed NYC musician, and his music lies in the indie pop genre, although I found it to be less on the pop side than what I would normally equate with pop music. This is no “Justin Timberlake Top 40” music. Frisch’s music has a vintage feel to it, something that will make you reminiscent of the pop sounds of the 50s and 60s. You might even hear a little influence from The Beatles in there (or I did anyway).

If you’ve been wanting some new music to listen to that fits in the past and in the present, Frisch has what you are listening for. His music combines all of these things together, making it something unique and relaxing to hear.

I really enjoyed this new EP by Frisch and it also inspired me to listen to some of his older stuff. He has some great videos available on Youtube, but I will get to those later. First I want to talk about what I loved about these four songs. 

Listen to 'As Long As I'm Alive'

As Long As I’m Alive is the first track on this fresh new EP and it definitely has a bit of a Beatles rock feel to it. I really enjoyed the piano accompaniment as well. Piano, in my opinion, always helps fill a song out and make it something bigger and something even more pleasing to the ears. This song is a great lead into the rest of the album. All of the songs on this album have their own feel and their own sound, but none of them are any less amazing than each of the others.

Purchase the EP on Bandcamp

Late In The Night is the EP’s title track, and it’s definitely my favorite one. This song really lets you experience the full range of Frisch’s vocals, and it lets you feel the emotions that the song is full of. It’s one of those songs you can see play out in your head as you listen to the words. I love when music does that. I’m one of those people that can’t read a book if I can’t see the story in my head.

Turn On Your Light changes things up a little bit. It still has that old school feeling to it but also kind of feels like a country song as well. While Frisch hasn’t adopted any twang in his voice for this particular track, the guitar does seem to have a little twang. I really enjoyed the somewhat different sound of this one, yet found it still meshes well with the other three.

Loved You All Along is the final song on this EP, and all though it starts out a bit slower and quieter, it does pick up again as the song goes on. This one really has an oldies feel to it and made me think of some of the great like Frankie Valli and Rickie Nelson. 

Check him out on Youtube

I watched a few of Frisch’s Youtube videos and really enjoyed his other stuff as well. Pretty Girls was the one that stood out the most to me. The video was just simple and fun and the song itself has an excellent beat. This song is definitely in a different caliber than the mellow styles of his newest EP. You might want to do the mashed potato to it, or some other long gone dance the old folks like to do!

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Eric Frisch’s Music Makes You Want To Keep Listening 'Late In The Night'
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