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Erich Mrak Beautifully Blends Hip Hop and Dance

For Macklemore Fans, Here's Something To Check Out

Erich Mrak is a 21-year-old musical artist that has found a way to blend hip-hop, R&B, and dance music sounds together in a way that makes you not notice the genre-bending of the songs and only the rhythm of the music he’s creating. He’s been writing his own music since he was 7 years old, and he continues to do it, making music that is sure to appeal to the masses and sound good on any popular radio station.

His newest track, “With You”, is described by the artist himself in a quote; "The song is about the indecisiveness between two people, with regards to committing to a relationship, and if it is ideal for their current lives". The lyrics definitely speak to this mindset. 

Listen to "With You"

I need a break from the bullsh*t to blow off some steam
Cuz you going crazy’s not something I need
I don’t get attached, but you're the exception
Cuz I have a soft spot for your attention

I really like the lyrics to this, and so do other people according to the feedback the song is getting on Soundcloud. To me, Erich Mrak is making music that sounds like some old school Snoop Dogg, but on a more mellow side. The song has an excellent beat, it's really hard not to start nodding your head to it as you listen.

I was pretty impressed with this song, as a fan of old school rap and R&B (stuff from the 80s and 90s), so I wanted to hear more of Mrak’s work. Luckily there are some other great songs on his Soundcloud. I wasn’t able to find much information online about the artist, but his bio stated that “through music recording, writing, and instrumental producing, he constantly strives for perfection.” This is evident.

Mrak’s music is clean and well produced. You can clearly understand all of his vocals, even when you might think the music and beats would overpower the vocals.

“Think About It” was one of his other tracks I listened to, which is a couple months old. It has much the same beat to it, and it fits that R&B sound, with mentions of marijuana and more in it. However, his music definitely isn’t cliche.

If you want to hear something a little different, keep listening. My favorite song on his roster was “Float.” It’s a rhyming song with an interesting beat that’s a little too intricate for nodding or swaying to. “Can you float? With the money you saved I’m not building you a boat.” It sounds kind of silly, but it’s a great song.

Although the beat to Mrak’s music can change greatly from song to song, you can still easily recognize them as his work. His voice is very distinct. Some of his songs can come off as dreamy, in their sound, like “You’ve Changed.” There seems to be a theme with his music, from the songs I’ve listened to anyway. They all seem to revolve around relationships, and not necessarily happy ones.

One newer artist that Mrak is being compared to is Macklemore. If you’re a fan of Macklemore you’ll definitely enjoy Mrak’s music. I personally love the dance beat aspect of both musicians. I enjoy music that I can move to and I feel like this most recent track from Mrak, “With You,” would at least make a good addition to my iPod, which I use when I am walking to help me keep my pace up. If you like dance music and hip hop, or just one or the other, give this song a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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Erich Mrak Beautifully Blends Hip Hop and Dance
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