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EXO | Favorite Ranking


EXO 'Monster' Performance

I must begin by stating that I only included the nine members that are part of the current member line. When I really started getting into K-pop and found out of EXO, there were already nine members. Later, while doing research on the group, I found out three previous members had left the group. I know many of you still consider that EXO is twelve members, but since I didn’t get to see the rest of the members’ charisma, I will just stick with the current nine members.

9. Chen

I know the least about Chen. I mean, he has amazing vocals. But he isn’t really involved in any scandals, which is totally fine. He is also very reserved. Not to mention that a lot of the times in broadcasting he hardly draws attention to himself. There is this amazing fan-cam on YouTube where it shows Chen drinking from a water bottle and then when he tries to take another sip he mistakes his water bottle for the microphone. It is just too funny. When EXO appeared in Star King, he also blew everybody’s mind when he was able to translate what Kim Sohye had said in “alien language.” For me, that was pretty cool.

8. D.O

Just like Chen, I don’t know much about him. I know he is also an actor aside from being an idol. His vocals are also very nice. Until recently, he caught my attention when I was watching a video of D.O being so done with EXO. His reactions to EXO bullying him are the best.

7. Chanyeol

Chanyeol came to my attention when one of my favorite YouTubers recreated a makeup look of Chanyeol during the "Lucky One" era. During that time he had very bright red hair and he looked very attention-seeking. Fast forward a few months, and he is making collaboration with Blackpink’s Rose and Twice’s Jihyo. I loved that collaboration. His acoustic version of "Monster" is still one of the best versions I have heard. It was like his voice was both deep but soft and breathy at the same time. Not to mention his rap in the acoustic version is one of the best raps I have heard.

6. Xiumin

For a long time, I didn’t pay much attention to Xiumin. To be honest, he just caught my attention like that. He didn’t have to do any viral stunt to get my attention and place him in this position.

5. Baekhyun

Baekhyun was the first member of EXO that I was able to distinguish. I think it is because in their music videos or music show performances, many people would comment how SM favored Baekhyun. Also, around the time, I started listening to EXO, he had had his recent break up with Taeyeon. During the "Monster" era, he was the member that caught my attention and the makeup and bad boy image really suited him the best. To be honest, he sometimes has this cold aura to him, but sometimes he shows his bright and humble side, which I love looking at that side of him.

4. Kai

So, Kai. I knew who he was because around the time I got into k-pop, his new about dating Krystal hit the headlines. When I heard the dating news, it wasn't a shock for me, since I hardly knew who both artists were. But if today I were to find out he started dating anyone, I think my heart my sink a little. I mean, I would get over it, but I wouldn't ignore the fact he is not single anymore.

3. Lay

Lay is seriously very handsome. It sucked when he couldn't promote with the rest of the members for their last three comebacks or so. At first, I thought he was very cold and disinterested, but after seeing a few interactions with his fans, he actually is very warm and loves making time and space for them.

2. Sehun

Oh my God, Sehun! He was second bias of EXO. I fell in love with him after watching a video "proving" that he has or had a crush on EXID's Junghwa. To be honest, they would be the perfect couple and I wouldn't mind if they started dating.

1. Suho

I think Suho captivated me because he is a great leader. All the members respect him and really follow his direction.

See you next week!!!!!!!!!!

—Style Idol Closet (SIC)

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EXO | Favorite Ranking
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