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Fall Out Boy - 'MANIA': Worst to Best

These subtitles are enforced but the title explains it right, cool, let's get on with it.

LP is Long Player, wonder why we say Album?

I wrote this list after one listen through the album with my main light off and my purple fairy light on: at 2am. It didn't meet the minimum word count so I've added a tad when I got up.

10. "Sunshine Riptide"

Put it back. Bin it. Not for me. Sorry.


9. "Champion"

Just feels a bit empty and safe. There's still parts I want to sing to but overall it's a bit of a meh song.


8. "Bishops Knife Trick"

Bit long for what it is, not a stand out. I like the sound but it doesn't make me feel very much.


7. "Young And Menace"

One of the most experimental songs of the album and I'm into it. Understandably divisive. This is where I start to like the songs. Why the fuck is this not called "Young And A Menace?" Don't you think the reaction to this song's release was a bit over the top? Calm down world, have an opinion sure, but you don't have to be so aggressive about it.



This whole album is fairly experimental from the expected FOB sounds. This one's just so bouncy init. Lil whistle is fun. Definitely singing along to the songs from here on in. Don't know why it's in capitals, ask Spotify or FOB.


5. "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)"

This feels very FOB but unlike "Champion" I actually feel satisfied. Bit of an emo belt it out lyric, "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour" but we're all totally here for that aren't we, so...


4. "The Last Of The Real Ones"

I'm already shouting this one and have been for months. Solid FOB song all round. Feels like a blend of their newer and older-ish stuff. Also this is where I start to like really fucking like the songs.


3. "Heaven's Gate"

From the off, this song feels like it has weight and it follows up on it. A rare ballad feel from FOB. Feels a bit dark when they're admitting they can't kick the habit, love it. Patrick's voice and Pete's lyrics, I mean, all the yes, they're always good but yes more of this.


2. "Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea"

Immediately strap in. Musically, this one almost reminds me of the PAX AM Days E.P. in parts. There's literally a storm at the end, like come on. Feels like a put my foot down on the pedal and then did some slow-mo spaceship manoeuvres before getting right back into to mashing the pedal. It's got wordplay in French. I don't have wordplay in French, I've been one upped.


1. "Church"

Fuck that's an intense choir sound in the back. That lil bit about 2 mins in where the vocals slowly get deeper: All about it. I can see myself shouting this around my bedroom, pretending I'm real good at singing and shit. Yes please. I'm devoted. I submit. I fucking love this song.



I quite like the new album, think it's probably going to grow on me more with each listen. Not sure where I'd place it in the rankings of Fall Out Boy albums but I'm sure we'll find out at some point in the future. 

Also, if you couldn't tell, this is the bit I added to meet the word count. I'm about to go eat avocado toast because millennials or some bullshit. 

Oh and check out my YouTube channel.

It has nothing to do with this at all, but shameless self promo and all that.

Right, I'm fairly sure at this point I've reached the word limit so I'm gunna get off. Wonder if anyone actually read this far down. Anyway, see you some time next month.

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Fall Out Boy - 'MANIA': Worst to Best
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