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Feminist Rappers from 2017 You Need to Listen To

Take a break from listening to misogynistic hits and check out these feminist rappers from 2017.

It's no secret that most of the rap songs from male artists that make it on the radio have to do with subjugating, objectifying, and degrading women. Yeah, they all have catchy hooks and sweet beats, but take a second to listen to what they're really saying. If you want to hear some raps that flaunt female power, check out these feminist rappers from 2017.

DeJ Loaf

DeJ Loaf is successful, but she's still one of the most underrated female rappers. She should get way more play than she does seeing as how her beats are ill, her lyrics are quality, and her overall sound is unique. This music video for "Back Up Off Me" is from a few years ago, but it's one of her best feminist anthems. "See the difference is with me/ I never needed n***** ever"—damn straight, girl!

Despite this particular hit being a little dated, she's still been active in 2017 and will be sure to come out with some great new material moving forward. 

Cardi B

Cardi B has definitely let the world know that she's calling the shots from now on. Her heavy, blunt delivery makes her a big presence, and one of the best feminist rappers from 2017. With "Bodak Yellow," she made it abundantly clear that she's a rapper you don't want to cross. So the question is, how can she out-do herself in 2018?


Kamaiyah is somewhat of an underground rap artist, but that doesn't mean she isn't important. Taking influence from 90s hip hop, her songs don't just focus on bass beats; the actual music is significant to her and her sound. Unlike Cardi B, Kamaiyah has a more calm delivery, but still commands respect. She's steady, sure, and, as the song suggests, successful. 

FM Supreme

FM Supreme isn't just a rapper, she's a slam poet and a human rights activist. On this list of feminist rappers from 2017, she's a triple threat. This past year saw FM Supreme focusing more on discussing social issues than creating new music material—she was a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton's presidential run—but her previously recorded songs reflect her fighting spirit. 

Princess Nokia

"FLAVA" is a direct message to young women about how they should perceive and value themselves. The first half of the track is just Princess Nokia talking in a soft but reassuring voice, as if she were at your bedside comforting you after a long day of sorrow. The second half breaks out into a boisterous rap that asserts the confidence she urges her fellow women to have. 

Miss Eaves

Miss Eaves is one of the best feminist rappers from 2017 largely because of this single, "Thunder Thighs." It's a body positive anthem that celebrates thick, confident women. She provides a great example of having no shame in your game, and puts forward a much needed message for girls growing up in today's culture. 

Mona Haydar

With tensions between Islamic and American cultures always on the rise, Mona Haydar is a rapper we need to focus our attention on right now. She's a confident feminist who still embraces the Muslim tradition of wearing the hijab. To many, this is a point of contention and serious debate: How can you be part of the feminist movement if you hide yourself? Well, Haydar answers that for you. 

Quay Dash

Quay Dash is a pioneer amongst the feminist rappers from 2017, as she is a trans artist who recently released an EP simply titled, Transphobic. Her brand of feminism is one that has not yet had a voice in the rap game, and she's definitely doing her best to make her's known. You won't catch her showing any kind of hesitation or insecurity. She OWNS it. 


Beyoncé has been around forever, but with each passing year she displays more of her feminist ideals. Following her feminist anthem, "Flawless," Beyoncé has come out with songs like "Sorry" and "Formation" that further explore what it is to be a woman and what kind of power women have. Lessons? Don't apologize when it's not your fault, don't let yourself be put down by a man, and always embrace your full potential. 


In 2017, Tink only really showed herself in songs on which she was featured, such as Jacquees's "If He Find Out." However, she is still one of the best feminist rappers from 2017 because she is working hard to keep herself relevant while she works on new material. She has also been actively touring and updating her fans via social media, so we're bound to see some cool things from her in the near future. Until then, check out one of her most recent singles, "Ratchet Commandments."

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Feminist Rappers from 2017 You Need to Listen To
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