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Fifth Harmony Surprises and Sings with Sam Smith and James Corden

'The Late Late Show with James Corden' Carpool Karaoke

OK, so just a few days ago, Sam Smith sang in a karaoke carpool on The Late Late Show with James Corden. I thought it was so cute and sweet that Sam Smith was so starstruck that he died dead when Fifth Harmony got into the car later on and surprised him singing his favorite song, "Work From Home." It’s so cool to see one star really love and appreciate another artist’s work.

He had mentioned on the show that this was going to be his wedding song and that he was going to walk in heels down the aisle to it. He had said, "I feel free, I feel alive. I feel the woman in me is on fire." You could see it in his eyes and feel the complete excitement he had when he talked about how wonderful he felt whenever he jammed to the catchy tune. I think Fifth Harmony was also starstruck too. They really love Sam and felt it was an honor that he loved their song so much.

The singer’s new album was released Friday on November 3rd, The Thrill of It All. James Corden and Sam sang a few of Smith’s best songs that come from the album along with a few older tunes that we all know and love very much. Even after singing a few of the songs, Sam would not stop talking about how much he loves the girls in Fifth Harmony. They are so awesome and everything they sing is really catchy and cool to sing to.

Not only does Sam highly adore Fifth Harmony, but much of his music taste is influenced by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin.

Sam was born in London on May 19, 1992. It’s hard to believe he is only 25 years old. He gained the music spotlight in 2012 on Disclosure’s single "Latch" which climbed to number 11 on the United Kingdom singles chart. His third single "Stay With Me" reached international success climbing to number one in the UK and number two in the United States with his other singles to follow. He won the Golden Globe Award in 2015.

So, what was life like for Sam before he became famous? A source stated that he used to work in a bar and scrubbed toilets. I would have never imagined that, but everybody has to start out somewhere, and I am so glad that he is able to use his musical talent to bless and touch so many people. During his early teen years, he was a backup singer for his vocal coach in London.

He had never been in a relationship before and anybody that he fell head over heels in love with never seemed to love him right back. It seems like he has always had himself prone to heartbreak, but I am so glad now that he is single and is focusing on his work and his love for music. It makes me adore him that much more.

He had mentioned in a previous interview that he wanted to be on the opposite side of fame and what it entails. He feels that he can be ‘rich’ by loving people around him, enjoying places that he travels to, and enjoying all of the good food that he’s tasted. He really looks so good and so much healthier looking since his weight loss and it seems to me just by looking at him that he’s really starting to enjoy his life, and that in itself makes me smile.  

Kathy Lester
Kathy Lester

I'm a published author with two major publishers, a graphic designer, co-founder of Madcap Toys and Dreamscape Ministries, a mom to three adult sons and a Nana to four grandchildren.  If you like what you are reading, send me a gift or tip. 

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Fifth Harmony Surprises and Sings with Sam Smith and James Corden
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