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Five Feel Good Songs

I bet you haven't heard all of these!

The Original Four Members of The Dead South

We all get into funks where we just don't feel like ourselves. For a lot of us, good music can help combat that. So I've compiled a list of five of my absolute favorite tunes to pick up my mood! Whether I'm sad, tired, frustrated, or anything in between, the right melodies can help. These five are foolproof tunes for me, and I hope you all like them, too!

5. "In Hell I'll Be in Good Company" by The Dead South

The catchy, foot-tapping beat of this song combined with the quirky lyrics and raspy vocals of the band members creates a truly one-of-a-kind tune. The harmonies are so beautifully crafted that you'll notice something new every time you listen to it. This song is one that's earned a permanent spot on my personal "Mood Booster" playlist, and with good reason! This is an up-and-coming bluegrass band. They tour primarily through Europe, but do have a show in the United States every once in a while if you're eager to check them out!

4. "Call It Dreaming" by Iron & Wine

This is a much calmer melody, one that has a few similarities to Trevor Hall's classic sound, in my opinion. It's a relatively simple series of notes, but they come together with the vocalist to create a song that's almost entrancing in its quality. With a tendency to calm me down and force my breathing to slow, this song is incredible at making you feel better and less stressed. I've also found that it's a hit around the bonfire on those summer nights!

3. "Stackt" by Brant Bjork

Brant Bjork is no stranger to the music world, and I'd guess that most die-hard fans of psychedelic rock recognize the name as a member of various groups throughout the decades. That being said, his solo work isn't as well known and is certainly worth taking a listen! "Stackt" has Bjork's signature heavy guitar riffs and melodies throughout, but with a new twist; this tune will have you foot tapping and swaying along in no time!

2. "Mama Said" by Cat Clyde

The smooth melodic intro and unique vocal quality of this song will leave you wanting more! With an interesting lyrical story and light feel-good beat, Cat Clyde creates a tune that makes you want to move to the music. Although devoted folk and bluegrass fans may recognize her name, she's an up-and-coming artist that most people wouldn't recognize. There's no doubt that a musician as talented as this will make a name for herself one day, though, so in the meantime enjoy her work without the crazy hype and expensive concert tickets!

1. "I Still Believe" by Frank Turner

This song tops my list because everything in the song comes together masterfully to create a track that makes it impossible to stay in a bad mood. Frank Turner's passion for music can be heard in his voice in this song. The beat is quick and demanding without being over-the-top and overpowering. All of the instruments braid their melodies together in a way that's complimentary, without a single one taking the spotlight. This song is a true work of art, and I'd be surprised if you can sit still through the whole piece while listening.

That's all I've got for this article, but for music for any mood or life event, check out my other articles! I hope these have boosted your mood like they do for me, and maybe even secured themselves a spot on your own playlist. Happy listening!

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Five Feel Good Songs
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