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Five Upcoming Scottish Bands You Need to Hear!

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Glasgow Indie Band Entry Room

Glasgow's music scene is currently thriving, with many new bands emerging all the time. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best up and coming artists from Glasgow, and the music which they play. 

5. Velvet

Glasgow band Velvet. 

If you are into shoegaze, dreampop, or indie, you are guaranteed to love this band to pieces. With the professionalism and maturity of this band, you would never believe that all the guys are in school, currently sitting their SQA Highers. They haven't been around that long either. Velvet played their first show under "RCMS" in February 2018 alongside Glasgow band Entry Room and Edinburgh's Bottle Note, and since then have played Broadcast a good few times. 

Their next show is on the 7th of June at Broadcast, Glasgow!

I cannot wait to see how this band prosper in the next few years. 

Follow them on Facebook!

Check their song "The Day The World Stood Still" on Soundcloud now! 

4. Heavy Rapids

Glasgow based Heavy Rapids.

A band who are extremely energetic, fast and raw to the core, Heavy Rapids. At the start of the year the band released their new single "Crying Shame". The band has a very distinct sound, with an aggressive vocal sound coming from their front man, Dillon Squire. The band play regularly around the UK, and expect big things in the next few years, as this band are definitely heading in the right direction.

Their next show is on the 27th of may at Fred Paton Day Centre!

Follow them on Facebook

Check out their single "Crying Shame" on Youtube now! 

3. Entry Room

Glasgow based Entry Room.

If you are interested in more loud, ambient, atmospheric indie music, Entry Room is a band to check out. They have recently released their debut single "Rain" and are in the process of writing their Debut EP to be released later on in the year. Entry Room have played at a number of venues across the city, including the Cathouse Rock Club, Classic Grand, Stereo, Audio, and Broadcast. Their new songs, currently in the process of being recorded, have a similar sound to the likes of Remo Drive, Citizen, Turnover, and even English band Cassia. 

Their next show is on the 2nd of June at Broadcast Glasgow!

Follow them on Facebook!

Check their song "Rain" on Soundcloud Now!

2. Bubbatrees

Bearsden based Bubbatrees.

Probably one of the hardest bands to give a genre to, but they are so underrated in the Scottish scene! You would be surprised that this band is only a three piece, as they deliver such a full sound on stage, and on record. If you like shoegaze riffs and dreamy melodies, then you are in for a treat when you check this band out! I have seen this band countless times, and have loved them every single time. You can't get bored of them. 

Their next show is on the 1st of June at Stereo.  

Follow them on Facebook!

Check the band out in drag in their music video for their new single "Beauty Queen." 

1. The Reason

Airdrie based The Reason.

The final band to feature on this list: The Reason. 

Over the past few years, this band has matured dramatically, and their sound is so fresh! This band were slowed down for a while, with trying to find a permanent drummer, but finally have settled down with a solid four piece, who put on a brilliant performance on stage every time. The band have played recently with other UK upcoming acts, including the likes of 100 Fables and Cassia, and at the start of the year released their single "Just The Same," with a unique indie rock and ambient sound.  

Their next show is the 10th of May at Broadcast, Glasgow. 

Follow them on Facebook!

Check out their single "Just The Same" on Youtube now!

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Five Upcoming Scottish Bands You Need to Hear!
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