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Fresh from Clydebank—Meet: The Fences

A Look into The Fences Headline Show in Audio, Glasgow

The Fences

Ryan from G1 once again looks into some of Glasgow's best upcoming bands, including Cats With Glasses, and The Drive. 

This fresh sounding, new look band from Glasgow, have started to set their eyes on taking over the Scottish music scene, with their passionate and energetic sound. 

Glasgow's music scene is currently thriving more than ever. Several young people in the city are deciding to give music a go, and more often than not it works out. The Fences are fresh on the scene, with their SOLD OUT headline show at Audio only being their third! The professionalism and passion shown by these five guys on stage is incredible, and with the crowds reaction being so positive, it seems like the only direction for The Fences is up! One point in the set I remember in particular was when the band covered "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. The place was absolutely bouncing, with fans stage diving, crowd-surfing and beverages being thrown all over the place! This kind of reaction at shows has not went unnoticed, with the band already having a show, the other side of the country in Edinburgh already planned, supporting Palmiros on Friday 5th October. Make sure you can say you've heard this band before they start going places, and check out their catchy single "Red Eye Rebecca" on Soundcloud. Check out their Facebook page!

Also playing the show were a new female fronted Coatbridge outfit The Drive. The band covered popular songs such as "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by the Arctic Monkeys, as well as Declan Mckenna's "Brazil." It was incredible to watch a band, the majority of them still in school, have such a well structured sound, as well as stage presence. With the band also being first on, which is never easy it was amazing to see such a large crowd turn up to support them! I really do hope this continues.  The Drive's next show is the 13th of October in Audio under Glasgow promoters RCMS. You can check out the band on Facebook.

Before The Fences took the stage, East End of Glasgow based Cats With Glasses got the venue bouncing with an extremely tight and well rehearsed set full with original songs. Songs that stuck out were "Home," "17," and  "Sunset." This band took the gamble of playing a set without any covers at all, something that can go down either really well or really poorly, however the audiences reaction was electric, which the band responded to by getting the crowd going even more. On stage professionalism is something these boys seem to take very seriously, with an incredible drum solo during one of their songs, as well as a guitar crossover trick, with both guitarists only strumming their own guitar, whilst they switch over the hand that plays the neck! Outstanding to say the least! This band only started in June this year, and are already catching the eyes of many people involved in the Glasgow, as well as Scottish music scene. The boys will appear on Sunny G Radio at 4 PM on Saturday the 22nd September, to play a few songs from the set, as well as reveal news regarding future shows, and releases. When the band have shows planned, they will be announced either through their Instagram or Facebook page. You can stream the bands EP and Download it on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Another show I was delighted to attend, start to finish everything ran smoothly! Make sure to check out all of these local outfits, and keep supporting local music!

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Fresh from Clydebank—Meet: The Fences
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