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FROMIS_9 on Their Way to KBS Music Bank 180713

A Rising K-Pop Group

Saerom Wearing the Instant Funk T-Shirt

Saerom is wearing Funk or Funk Musician T-Shirt from Instant Funk. Fromis_9 has received a lot of attention for their song "Love Bomb." Although the group first formed through a televised reality show, it was not until five or six months ago that they started gaining attention. I think it has to do in part with three things.

First, the contestants were already know through the reality competition show "Idol School." It was also noted that former YG and JYP trainees appeared on the show. Some of these trainees were already known or recognized because of their participation of previous idol survival shows like Sixteen, K-Pop Star, and Produce 101—just to mention a few. 

Second, their songs have become catchier. When I first heard of Fromis_9 (as a final lineup group), they had more of a dream-like concept. Their songs and choreography were slightly slower and romantically based. However, when they came back with "DKDK," I feel like their concept changed slightly.

Their choreography had and felt more energy. The song also felt a little more bubbly and cute. I think both concepts fit them very well, but I do think that the concept that they are using now is a little bit more popular among the k-pop fan audience. Now, I think their latest song "Love Bomb" is one of the reasons their popularity has grown.

To be honest, I did not play much attention to the song. However, I know that it grew a lot in popularity even a few weeks after its release. I noticed that a lot YouTube accounts that are dedicating to chart k-pop songs listed "Love Bomb" as one of their favorite songs of 2018. On Instagram, I also have seen that people post fancams of the members when they were promoting this song. A lot of users seem to agree that "Love Bomb" was the song that got them to stan Fromis_9.

Third, their visuals have received a lot of attention. Nakyung is the visual of the group, since she meets the Korean beauty standards the best. She, herself, has received a lot of attention for her growing visuals since debut. Many agree that "Love Bomb" era brought out the best of her visuals so far. Especially since she died her hair of two colors her looks have made quite an impact on fans. I think that she could be the next generation top visual.

Honestly, I wish these girls a lot of luck and success. Although they started with good popularity and have managed to gain a lot attention, I know they were overshadowed by a few rookie groups. Not mentioning names, but if you know or are familiarized with the K-Pop scene, you will know that they were about five groups (both female and male) that managed to slightly gain more attention than these girls.

However, the girls are still very young so there is no rush. I know that with their upcoming comeback, they will receive more attention and praise. I don’t know much of the group’s names or faces—I just know Nakyung and Saerom—but I know that with time it will be easier to get to know them by name and face. Maybe since they are so young, I really can’t tell them much apart, but I know that sooner than later, I will have their names memorized.

I really hope they continue to promote actively and that people don’t forget them. I hope they don’t give up, and I hope to see them soon at the end of the year music award shows. I know that they eventually will be. Their music is not completely bad. As a matter of fact, their concepts remind me a lot of the concepts Crayon Pop used to do. The best to them, their company, and their fans that haven’t given up on them.

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FROMIS_9 on Their Way to KBS Music Bank 180713
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