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Future & Young Thug - 'Super Slimey' Review

A Track By Track Review

Future (left); Young Thug (right). 

Future and Young Thug took the industry by storm several years ago. Since then, they’ve each showed no signs of slowing down. They each continue to drop numerous projects year in and year out; but who would’ve thought they would do a full length collaboration?

They showed signs of chemistry before on Dj Esco’s “Who,” but never enough to warrant a whole mixtape. And despite Drake and Future’s backgrounds being different, the two were able to find common ground on WATTBA (What a Time To Be Alive).

But do Future and Young Thug coexist? Does Super Slimey live up to the hype?

1.) “No Cap” - They wasted no time on this intro. Future sets the tone with his aggression on this slick Southside instrumental. Young Thug gets a chance to say something with his verse, but Future is trying to spazz on this record. From the get-go it seems like Young Thug will be the Robin to Future’s Batman.

2.) “Three” - Young Thug steals the first verse this time. Over another electric Southside beat he delivers lines like, “Codeine laboratory like I’m Dexter.” Future’s energy is off the charts though. At two tracks in, Future seems like the bigger beast. Neither of them are ultra-lyrical Mcs; but they sound good trying to outrap one another. Future throws his best punches with lines like “keep some ice like a methhead.” Young Thug seems like he’s pulling his punches.

3.) “All Da Smoke” - All the Future fans in Boston are clapping for the Celtics and Kyrie metaphor. Never ones to shy away from controversy, Thug and Future are willing to take on “all da smoke.” This track is a banger. Young Thug’s pitch crescendos over this dark instrumental, and he starts to sound like he’s holding his own next to Future.

4.) “200”- Young Thug handles the intro and tries to be more melodic, but his tune isn’t catchy enough. Future boasts about the new iPhone8 and the “two-hundred hoes” he has in it. Other than that, this track is skippable. There’s no clear focus; it’s like someone copy and pasted their verses onto this beat.

5.) “Cruise Ship”- Young Thug takes a water break from Future for over two minutes on some glitzy production. He brags that “If I wasn’t rapping I’d still be rich.” This is a win for Thug, but a sore leg if you’re trying to argue for Thug and Future’s chemistry on this body of work.

6.) “Patek Water” ft. Offset - “Southside.” I was waiting for a “if young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.” This beat could burn the sun. Future and Young Thug could’ve said anything and this track would still bump. Young Thug redeems himself for his lackluster delivery thus far… but Offset tho. Has he had a feature this year he hasn’t demolished? This is easily one of the best tracks.

7.) “Feed My Dope” - This track is Future’s turn to take a break from Thug. It’s a solid Future song; he could’ve easily put this song on the self-titled album he released this year though. I probably won’t be revisiting this in a month.

8.) “Drip On Me” - How many times can you write a song about drippin? Anyone remember “Drippin How you Luv That”? Purple Reign? Young Thug delivers a solid verse, but nothing truly impressive. Overall, this track is decent. I probably won’t be revisiting it.

9.) “Real Love” - “I bet she loves.. I bet she loves meee”—chorus. “All this fake love got me damaged” says Young Thug. This track is a clever, sarcastic way of saying that “women only want us because we’re rich.” Young Thug and Future are decent on this.

10.) “4 da Gang” - This is vintage Future. He’s done songs like this before though. It’s a win for Future but just like the last solo cuts, this track begs the question: how much chemistry do him and Thug really have?

11.) “Killed Before” - Young Thug teams up with his go-to producer, London on Da Track. This is a sunny beat, and Young Thug is at home in his element.

12.) “Mink Flow” - They both turn up on this. Thug is slightly catchy on the chorus. There’s a lot of energy on this one. He even does some ad-libs for Future’s voice. This is one of their more cohesive tracks.

13.) “Group Home” - Future’s voice is so raspy that it sounds like he’s losing his voice. On the verse, it sounds menacing. He should’ve let Thug do the hook though if he was going to sound this groggy. This outro isn’t impressive like the intro.

Essential Tracks:

“All Da Smoke”

“Patek Water” ft. Offset

“4 da Gang”

“Cruise Ship”


The Verdict

Despite the fact that they’ve worked together before, Future and Young Thug don’t have enough chemistry together. They should’ve cut this tape down more and done an EP. The production can’t compensate for their lack of cohesion on every single track. Future outboxes Young Thug on most tracks too. WATTBA was more impressive. Super Slimey is a B-. 

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Future & Young Thug - 'Super Slimey' Review
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