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Gary Barlow the Theatre Tour 2018 Review

Gary Wows Fans on His Solo Tour

Gary Barlow and Take That fans across the globe are currently in a frenzy over Gary’s solo tour. Visiting small theatres in cities that he’s never performed in before is proving to be a huge success with fans clambering for spare tickets for sale so they can go again and again and campaigning in their thousands on Twitter to be that one special lady who gets to go on stage each night with Gary and be serenaded with "A Million Love Songs." 

Following the spilt of Take That back in the 90s—which you will all remember even if you were not a Take That fan—Gary had a rough time throughout his short lived solo career. So can he do it now, I hear you ask? The answer is absolutely yes!!! I attended the gig he played in Halifax and was asked by many prior to the show "what will he do, just sit and play piano?" .....Oh absolutely not. It was nothing short of incredible. He was energetic and charismatic throughout, engaging the audience who were singing so loudly you could hardly hear yourself. The atmosphere was electric. 

In an ode to the old days, Gary performed a new song he has written called ‘Live those years again’, during which he sings about the Take That split, singing "They even opened helplines," at which point the crowd cheers and laughs when he pokes fun at himself during the dark days and his "appetite for pies." The crowd erupts as he pulls a muscle man pose and sings "Let me tell you this, my friends, being told that I’d reached the end, before I felt I’d got half way, it made the man that’s here today." And what an artist he is today! Songs performed ranged from Take That songs old and new (including the original ‘Pray’ dance moves. Yes you know you did them in your bedroom as a teenager, admit it!) songs from his solo album Since I Saw You Last, to tracks from musicals he has penned: The Girls and Finding Neverland. Is there no end to this mans talent? 

One thing is for sure, everything he seems to touch turns to gold. His fans are the loudest (myself included), most dedicated fans of any artist I have ever known, and whether a die hard fan or not, I would whole heartedly recommend going to see a show. I danced so much I gave myself cramps, and sang so loudly that I lost my voice. Gary and his tour team put their heart and soul into every performance. You feel part of it all and their love for what they are doing just emanates from the stage. I don’t think you need to worry ever again, Gary. Whilst this is a fickle industry, I think you have reached ‘national treasure’ status now .... and deservedly so! 

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Gary Barlow the Theatre Tour 2018 Review
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