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Getting Your Music Heard

CD Baby and Fiverr as a Music Resource

Never give up. Trust God

When I first started as an independent artist I was not sure how I was going to get my music out to the world. Then came CD Baby. CD Baby is an independent platform for the indie artist. They get your music on every platform for possible sales and exposure. If you have not heard about them I strongly suggest that you check them out. They do charge an upfront fee for albums/EPs and singles but it is just a one time payment. It is worth it because of everything that you get from that one price.

You get several pay options that will cover all your distribution needs. The first option CD Baby has is the free option. Everyone likes free, but there are limitations. Here are the limitations and benefits from the free option; your music listing is only available for purchase through CD Baby on their website. You as the musician cannot opt into any other CD Baby distribution program or sync licensing. Your music is only going to be digitally available on the CD Baby website no physical distribution. CD Baby also gets a 15 percent commission of digital sales.

The next option is CD Baby Standard. CD Baby Standard is a better option. CD Baby Standard has a cost for albums and singles. Albums are $49, and singles are $9.95, and there are benefits and limitations to this option as well but not as much as the free option. Your music can be digitally distributed on the CD Baby website and on all of CD Baby's partner websites as well. You can sell your music physically and digitally. However, you cannot collect publishing royalties on your music through this option. CD Baby gets a commission of 9 percent of digital sales and a $4 cut of physical sales.

The last option is the CD Baby Pro option. This is the best option in my opinion. It does cost the most, but I think that it is worth it. The album price is $89, and the single price is $34.95, with upgrade options of $49 for albums and $29 for singles. Your music can be digitally distributed to all of CD Baby's partners and on the CD Baby website. Your music can also be physically and digitally distributed as well. CD Baby will also collect publishing royalties for you (on your behalf). CD Baby gets a 9 percent commission of digital sales and $4 cut of physical sales. CD Baby also gets 15 percent cut of publishing royalties. Okay, these are all of CD Baby options as of right now. I want to encourage you to do your own research. Make the best decision for you and your musical needs.

CD Baby has been my go to distributor for my indie music needs. I have learned a lot about this music business and about distributing my music and I hope that the information that I am sharing helps you as well. I have grown in many ways and because someone helped me many years ago I am now able to help you, hopefully. I also use Fiverr music promotion to help get my music out there and it is very cost effective. There are a lot of freelance promoters on Fiverr that are willing to help you get your music out to the public. You will retain some of them as you perform and include them in your social media and concert updates so that they can come and see you perform.

I am going to close with, you can also get your music on music blogs and on the Number One Music website (N1M) as well as Reverb Nation. You can also start your own music blog if you have the time for that and/or if you have not done that already. I cannot express enough how much fun it is to communicate with your supporters/fans and hear them talk good things about your music, and how it positively affected their lives. I am also working on a new single for my Christian EP. The YouTube link is from my last Christian single that was released in 2016. I really hope that you enjoyed this article and YouTube video. Have a wonderful and blessed day, like and share. Thank you again for your support. 

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Getting Your Music Heard
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