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Heather O'Neill's 'Nicotine & Neon'

New Single From the Irish Songstress

A little over a month ago I introduced you to an amazing, soulful singer out of the Chicago area. Heather O'Neill is back again with another wonderful single from her Transmute EP, “Nicotine & Neon.” The Irish-born lass continues to put emotion and beauty inside each bluesy rock tune she puts out—she is an utterly talented singer/songwriter that knows how to make people listen, want to listen, and not be able to stop listening.

You can listen to this new track yourself, on SoundCloud.

I felt that there was even more to this song than previous two, not that I didn’t like them—this song just seemed to speak to me a bit more, and I liked the dreamy sound of O’Neill’s voice in this one. O’Neill carries on that same deep sound, with soul and folk elements mingling exceptionally well with the bluesy rock that she has mastered. Her experience with life flows through the lyrics. You feel at once energized and mellowed while listening.

O’Neill’s vocals remain impressive, and I think I liked them even more on this track. She has this smoky blues-lounge voice that begs you to follow each word, as though you were following some haunting ghostly voice down a dark alleyway—you know it could be dangerous, but you feel in your soul that salvation may be in those shadows. Seriously—her music creates images in your mind and feelings in your soul that only come from music that has been made from the heart and soul.

Starting from the start, I like the intro to “Nicotine & Neon.” It’s a very upbeat start to the track that really instantly gets you into the beat of the song—it’s something you could almost dance to, but still has a melancholy air to it. I found the song to be instantly uplifting, in a way, simply because of the instrumentation. O’Neill’s vocals break in with that bluesy-undertone you come to expect after you’ve listened to a few of her songs. In another review, I likened her vocalistic stylings on this track to that of the singer for Mazzy Star. It has that otherworldliness and somewhat dreamy quality. It’s almost a “sleepy” track, yet the upbeat instruments make it a delightful melding of relaxation and ambition.

The lyrics of this song are poetically inclined, and the published poet in me had me internally joyous and giddy. This song and its lyrics will have you wishing on a star, imagining the night sky and the moon up high. And, while the song is forever ingraining itself into your brain (it’s seriously a bit of an earworm), you’ll find yourself lost in the mystical voice of the singer.

I highly suggest visiting O’Neill’s website. On her site, you can learn about her, watch videos, listen to her other tunes, and even find information about booking her at your events if you’re in need of some great tunes from a talented artist.

I highly recommend you check out O’Neill’s music. Not only a pretty face, but she also has a voice that commands you listen to it and love it. Provocative, ambitious, and magical—this is the music that other musicians dream of making.

If you like this music review, please take a moment to check out some more of my reviews of awesome tunes here on Vocal and on Side Stage Magazine. I have new reviews up almost weekly. You’ll find an array of musical genres covered, so you’re bound to find something you like.

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Heather O'Neill's 'Nicotine & Neon'
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