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Henry Metal’s Year of Metal

Album 4 of 2017, 'Metal O’Clock' will knock your socks off.

It’s Metal O’Clock, what are you listening to? I’m a longtime metal fan. I listened to bands like Metallica and Megadeth in my younger years. I still listen to metal these days. There’s really no genre of music I downright hate, so it makes sense that you see me review so many different types of music and seemingly love them all. Speaking of love, I love Henry Metal’s music. Well, this newest album, anyway.

So, a quick backdrop on this guy. He debuted this “Henry Metal” persona in late March of 2017 and Metal O’Clock is his fourth album of the year. Now that’s some dedication to music! While this new release is the only one I’ve heard, I am impressed with it and it doesn’t feel rushed or fake to me. It’s kind of a comedic, spoof sounding metal, but well made and stuff you can still bang your head to. It’s rightfully and easily compared to Tenacious D but still has that authentic metal sound. It also seems to cross genres, some songs sound like melodic metal and others borderline a punk sound, and that's not all. It’s an excellent collection of songs that will leave you wanting to hear more at the end and ever surprised throughout by each and every song.

“I Don’t Care” has kind of a punk sound, almost. But it also feels a little over-the-top, like a Meatloaf tune. It’s still got a metal edge to it, especially during the chorus. Be forewarned, many of the songs on this album come with explicit lyrics. Maybe only listen to this when the kids are in bed or on your commute to or from work. This song is no exception.

“Odin” is a pretty cool song. It’s about Vikings and Norse Gods if you couldn’t tell by the name of the song. It kind of has that epic metal song sound to it. It’s like something you’d hear from a Norwegian metal band. I dig this song because I have a love for mythology, of all kinds.

If you prefer a more dark, black metal sound, “Plastic Surgery” is the song for you. It’s kind of a fun song, about plastic surgery, of course. This is one of the songs that truly makes this a fun album. Who knew that this would make such a great topic for a metal song?

“Thank God For The Government” is a classic metal sounding tune. My favorite line is “Thank god for the government to keep us dumb and poor.” In pure rock tradition, Henry Metal made sure to create an excellent anti-government song.

If head-banging metal is what you’re looking for, “Thrash Your Head” is the song you need to check out. This song is definitely thrashing! The video has lots of makeup, drums, and swear words. The lyrics are really interesting on this one if you don’t mind the sometimes raunchiness of it.

Check It Out

There are 8 songs on this album. As you can see from the ones I’ve covered here, it’s a very diverse album but every song has a great metal sound of some kind. I’d call it authentic, but I feel like I might get some backlash from the haters if I said that about Henry Metal’s music. Whatever the critics say, I think this is a pretty stellar collection of metal music. Henry Metal has a great talent for metal music. If you like your metal with a little humor, I highly suggest you check this out. Give a listen to his other albums as well. This guy’s got some dedication, show your appreciation!

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Henry Metal’s Year of Metal
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