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'Her Name Was Rain'

The Story Behind the Song

The First Solo Release by Russell Koontz

This is my latest single and my first as a solo artist. The backstory of this song is very personal to me. I have had an on and off relationship with music, but I have never stopped writing. As my life experiences were collected, my writing began to flourish, becoming something that I am extremely proud of for the first time. As my brother puts it, I am a self-hating artist and the constant struggle to share my writing or music is like a weight sitting on top of my head. As I give up, it pushes me more and more into the ground. I awoke one day, telling myself that I will die within regrets arms for not sharing my talents and capabilities. I at least have to try to be satisfied knowing I gave it all I could.

This song is a result of my new change, and it will hopefully be the step I needed to get my footing upon, maybe propelling me to the next goal along my journey.

Some years ago, I was going through a divorce, met someone, and moved states, leaving behind my life of 40-plus years, family, friends, and even a couple dogs. It's funny how we can be in the midst of our greatest struggles and unknowingly find what could be truly meant for us. This is what happened to me. I met a girl—or more than a girl. She was and is one of the most unique, strongest women I have ever gazed upon. Her beauty and sensuality poured out of her like no other. Everyone wanted to be near her, as she could make oil and fire feel comfortable together. We clicked instantaneously and fell in love, long before we knew each other like we do now, long before I knew what I truly had in front of me. This song represents that love, from two people, from different parts of the world, going through different parts of life, yet falling in love trying to conquer what life puts in their way.

She stayed with me through my two years of depression, through me trying to figure out what I was meant to be, meant to do, and she has given me the freedom to realize my dreams I once thought were lost in slumber.

You don't just run into a person like this, do we? Well, I did, but I questioned it all of the way because I was not used to support from a significant other; at least, not without selfish strings attached.

One of my favorite lines in this song refers to life as, "these are the days that make us swear, it's the song that never ends..."

I don't know how this song will end, or where my journey will take me, but I am a willing passenger, more than I ever have been, on the road to try and figure it out.

Below are the lyrics and my website, setup by my writing partner. I hope you enjoy...

"Her Name Was Rain" by Russell Koontz

She said love I've got myself a dream somewhere I'm the pouring rain. Left my home in normal step, I could never remain. She stood tall among the boys from the mountains, settled on down to be strange. While I was worried about my own selfishness, here comes the rain.

We've got to battle excess needs. Someone doing no wrong. Someone hopelessly. Are we hiding love like the devil for someone better we once knew... I'm not standing here waiting for the rain to wash down my door.

I took a right turn the wrong way again. Left my home certain but forgot my friends. These are the days that make us swear. It's the song that never ends.

Long before this world of bliss I've got my hell to pay. She said another word abruptly, bleeding like rain upon your brain. I'm not going down like this. I need someone to miss me and boy when you kiss her you'll know...

the rain is never slow.

Thank you for your time reading this. You can get this song by typing my name into any music streaming sites. This is my first time on Vocal. I hope to connect with a lot of people.


Russell Koontz

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Russell Koontz
Russell Koontz

Unknown Poet, Singer/Songwriter. 

Writing is very personal to me but I get the greatest of pleasures watching the occasional reader while their mind opens up to my words, possibly bringing them a relatable moment or an unfamiliar thought..

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