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Holloway Road Announce EP Release

The UK Country duo releases their third EP this September.

Holloway Road are an extremely exciting fast rising British Country/Pop duo consisting of Jack Cooper and Rob Gulston. The pair hail from Essex, England and are currently leading the way for the genre on the UK circuit; having so far enjoyed extensive radio support and national press coverage, and more streams than any other independent UK country act, and having opening for likes of The Shires, Lindsay Ell, American Young and many, many more worldwide renowned names as well as numerous major festival appearances including the likes of Country to Country (C2C) and the first Country Music Week in London back in 2017.

They are well and truly on their way to becoming household names in Country and have so far had major support from the publications such as Vice, Country Music Magazine, and The Daily Mail to name a few. While their fanbase is growing daily around the world. 

Late last year Holloway Road completed their first full band UK headline tour, which is documented in the official music video for recent single "Under Cover," and within the last few months they have returned to the Country music capital of the world; Nashville to write for their forthcoming third EP titled Broke, which will be released on September 14th.  

Speaking about their upcoming new project Broke, Holloway Road say: "We took our time with this EP. It shows how much we have matured as writers and artists, and it was also special being able to spend time in both the UK and the USA to work with other writers that we admire and call friends to put together another record that we could be proud of. Being able to take our time has given us a chance to let some amazing songs from outside the Holloway Road camp come to us that we really connected with. We would never have cut a song we didn't write unless we really connected with it so it was important to be patient. As much as this record has tastes of serious tones, it's mainly fun from start to finish, so we hope the fans have as much of a blast listening to it as we did making it!"

The new EP follows the success of two self-produced EPs and a number of standalone singles from a home studio in Southend-on-Sea, and this new material is the first time they have released music created through collaborations with other writers and producers between Nashville and the UK, notably including co-writes from the likes of Phil Barton, Levi Hummon and more. 

In support of "Broke," the duo have shared their brilliant brand new single "Hang Over Here." The new release is another stellar track from the rising stars. You can listen to the single right here:

Along with releasing their new single "Hang Over Here" and announcing the exciting details of their upcoming EP "Broke," Holloway Road will also be performing live across the country in the coming months.

Fans can catch the duo live at the following venues. The full list of live dates are as follows:

  • 25th Aug—The View From The Shard, London (Acoustic)
  • 26th Aug—Carfest South, Basingstoke
  • 1st Sept—Sambrooks Brewery, London (Acoustic)
  • 2nd Sept—Hop Festival, Faversham
  • 7th Sept—The Long Road Festival , Lutterworth
  • 8th Sept—The Long Road Festival, Lutterworth
  • 10th Sept—Green Note, London (Acoustic

Holloway Road are one of the best live acts on the Country scene so be sure to try and catch one of their upcoming performances while you can.

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Holloway Road Announce EP Release
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