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Hot SoundCloud Week 1

Your Number 1 Place for New Original Music

Here are my weekly nods of SoundCloud artists that embody the essence of what SoundCloud is about. SoundCloud is a music and social media platform used by independent and local musicians to share and post their various projects. Several well-known artists have started their careers posting their music only to be "discovered" later by major labels. It’s still challenging to make it in music industry, but there are opportunities now that have never been available before. With SoundCloud, you are able to upload your music, follow other users who are uploading theirs, and connect with other artists.

However, it is not just for underground and aspiring artists; well-renowned artist regularly upload music to the site and are able to create big buzz by posting the links to different social media websites. This past week Joyner Lucas and Ma$e made big waves coming out of nowhere to make these viral hits.

Joyner Lucas "I'm Not Racist"

Joyner Lucas has made big waves after going viral with his track "I Am Not a Racist." The track put both sides of the racial divide on the table in an honest attempt to say what has been left unspoken. Equally impressive is his follow up remix to Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang." He murders Lil Pump with three minutes of abuse, calling out the entire lifestyle. Nothing was safe from Joyner's lyrics as he dismantled everything from designer brands to designer drugs. Despite Joyner Lucas claiming to be a fan of Lil Pump, his lyrics show that the Massachusetts native isn't about the same lifestyle.

"Gucci Gang" Remix

Formerly known as Future Joyner, he released Along Came Joyner in 2015 before signing with Atlantic records. His solo debut was called Listen 2 Me and was released in 2011 by Dead Silence Record. He garnered widespread exposure and critical acclaim after the release of his single "Ross Capicchioni" in 2015. In 2017, he released his fourth mixtape, 508-507-2209.

Ma$e airs out the beef in Harlem.

Gold School artist, Ma$e, made another return this week, coming out with two viral hits. The first was a vicious attack on the true Harlem Native, Cam'ron, called "The Oracle." The southern preacher and Harlem transplant took everyone by surprise by his sudden appearance back in the rap game.

Ma$e's Cam'ron DIss "The Oracle"

After Cam'ron released his comeback mixtape, The Program, Ma$e quickly released the full power of his wrath onto Killa Cam. Murder Ma$e was truly in the building on this track and made some ungodly claims about the life of Cameron Giles. Mason Betha and Cameron have a long history, as they both were members of the hip-hop group Children of the Corn, founded by Harlem Legend Big L.

It remains unclear if this beef is going to continue to escalate and if this is a true return for Ma$e, whose last studio album titled Welcome Back was released in 2004.

Hot Soundcloud Week 1 Artist Breakdown

Here we will break down the top 20 artists featured. There is also a link to their sites and pages where you can follow them and keep up with any projects that they publish in the future. 

"I Never" by Ganunga

The feel-good EDM track pulses with a catchy melody and features a wonderful vocalist. Fans of electronic dance music should definitely tune into this SoundCloud page.

"Illusion" by SugahShay

The sultry singer haunting melody cuts through the up-tempo electronic instrumental, giving her a distinct sound that is both classic and contemporary.

"Money In Power" by Moneyrock Ent

MoneyRock is a collective of talent spread across different states and countries. Their collective skills are definitely on display on this conscious track.

"Play My Sound" by C.O.N

This banger comes from C.O.N. (Creatures of Da Night), a trio that has been working together since the 90s, and you can definitely tell they have their style down pat. The rappers toss the lyrics back and forth with true precision.

"Shine Eternal" by Paranormal

This conscious Boom Bap track comes to us by Paranormal. The New York rapper is dropping his sophomore LP titled The Project For Global Madness.

"Cutthroat" by Skip Tha Engineer

Skip Swavy AKA Skip Tha Engineer is a rapper based out of LA, and he comes hard on his latest project, Real Life Vol. 1, which is now out on SoundCloud.

"Nafarri" (The Golden Child) by Farri

The chilled out beat bumps along with a trance vibe as the solo rapper Farri laces the verses with crisp poignant lyrics.

"Waves" by RizThaGreat

Swaggodz may be a collection of solo artists, but it's clear that when they go in together on the same track they elevate their game to God Level. Waves bumps hard as RizThaGreat crushes the lyrics.

"City of Schemies" by Slim Cea

This sleeper track may have been released for a while, but it should not be slept on. The lyrics that Slim Cea spins gives you a clear view of what life in his city is like.

"Wordsmith" by Mama Kleio

The minute and a half track flies by as the self-proclaimed "angry chic with bars" demonstrates her incredible flow and word play with a blitz of lyrics.

"Power Up" by Ginjabred

My personal favorite from this week, The Ginja comes through with an off the wall flow that blows the doors down.

"Kame House" by Mellow Soul

This track is a joy to listen to; the beat produced by Jou Beats has a new wave style that captures the anime style and makes you feel like you've stepped into the TV.

"Repeat it" by Prince MaGan

This song tugs on the heartstrings as Prince MaGan recounts his mistakes. He asks for forgiveness and apologizes for his infidelity saying that he would not "Repeat It."

"K.M.G" by Kee'shawn Giles

Another love song that starts off with a soft female voice calling her boyfriend to let him know that she's found someone new that she loves. She tells him goodbye and the rest of the track is Kee'shawn's way of kissing her goodbye.

"Hard To See" by Flex TCB

This banger speaks Flex's truth; he has been working on his craft since he was an eight-year-old writing. Flex has been crafting his voice creating two mixtapes, Heart of the Streets and 1st Quarter.

"The Spot" by 4 Block Music Group

The trap beat bumps as the rappers spin their lyrics about what it's like working out of the "spot" when you suspect the feds are watching.

"Want My Place" by TrackShawn

TrackShawn is a female rap artist and producer. she writes her own music and produces her own beats. you can tell on the track "Want My Place" that she's shooting for the top spot and she has the lyrics and musical talents to get there.

"Got That Work" by RobertoMcNastie

The booty-popping anthem delivers a steady flow of word play and innuendos to a twerk dancer's dream beat.

"Troposphere" by St. Wave

The Hartford Connecticut experimental hip-hop artist bumps a chilled out and relaxed flow that is sure to mellow you out as you.

"Paranoid" by Carlton James

The R&B singer demonstrates his skills on the song "Paranoid," where he confesses that the girl who won't call him back has him paranoid.

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